nanoLD – Make a game in 48 minutes!

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February 11th, 2012 4:34 am

Sorry for being a bit late with that! To prepare for the miniLD #32, today we will be making games in 48 minutes! No rules, use whatever you want to! Remember to join the IRC channel! There are no submissions, use Twitter #ld48 hasahtag, come about to IRC, post your finished stuff on G+.

The theme is…

Leave links to your games in the comments!

50 Responses to “nanoLD – Make a game in 48 minutes!”

  1. digital_sorceress says:

    lol. The theme is different each time I reload the page!

    Sos is sneaky.

  2. Sos says:

    My game: Lazy Confetti Lazor
    i screwed up and had to start over after 30min so it’s actually made in the remaining time 😛

  3. galman says:

    Yay, here it his:
    (lol, the id is 48)
    I made it in 47 mnutes, so close…

  4. Madball says:

    Aw… I missed it.

  5. Here’s my entry to nanoLD:


    Can you make it to the top of a pile of gears?

  6. eli says:

    Used much more than 48 minutes, still submitting. I worked on it on and off, and it probably took 3 hours total. My theme was “The earth is flat”.

    thanks for this awesome challenge, SoS, it was tons of fun =)

  7. here’s mine, press space :)

    was fun, I’ll probably polish this up a little too :)

  8. surreal_whale says:

    Here’s mine, making it was a great way to kill time while my chilli cooked.
    Left and right control the guy, the win condition (getting to the top) has never been tested, it might work.

  9. offwhitefox says:

    Has nothing to do with Partial Recall but i’m damn proud of what I did in 48 minutes:


  10. Here’s my game!

    Theme was “constant motion” or “can’t stop”. I forgot. Who cares, it’s awesome-tastic!


  11. Dan C says:

    Here’s mine:

    The theme was “obscure sports”, but I already planned to make this game and I just clicked refresh until I got a theme that matched :).

    I went over the time limit. It took me 76 minutes to make.

  12. Fififox says:

    There it is: “Noir Death”, because those were the two themes I got:

    I’m kinda happy with this game… Making C++ games in a short time is a challenge I enjoy very much, and I’ve had a lot of fun (like for the 0h game jam) ! The game in itself is hard (nearly impossible?) to win, but I think that’s how it had to be done (hopefully)…

    Hope you like it (at least, I hope you’ll find out how to play it) ! 😛

  13. ratking says:

    Theme was “Pixel”, btw.

  14. digital_sorceress says:

    here’s mine, better late than never 😛

  15. WOW!!!!! Definitely a fun challenge… I’ll admit, I didn’t use the theme (any of the random ones I saw) I went into this with a specific game in mind… And even then it wasn’t any kind of easy! Congrats to all that finished at all! Getting some game development going is a prize of it’s own:

    CRUSH YOUR OWN ADVENTURE! Whack-a-Mole meets Choose Your Own Adventure!

  16. PacifistGames says:

    Finished my nanoLD game!
    It’s called “16”. The theme I got is “backwards”.
    Finished in about twice the time, but was having graphics card issues…
    Arrow keys move, don’t get hit, controls flip every 16 seconds.

    Let me know what you think/what you scored!

  17. TheGrieve says:

    I’m late but here’s mine. Nanojump – a jumping game… made in 53 minutes (10 minutes spent fiddling with sound before realising the speakers weren’t plugged in.)

  18. binary_girl says:

    heres mine.. forgot to post it here ;p

    soz to all the girls but my theme was ‘girl game’ ;p

  19. daririos says:

    Here’s mine :)

    You have to move to the black box collecting exactly number of blocks of all colors.

  20. tayron says:

    Forgot to post my entry:)
    Atom survivor

  21. Martoon says:

    Damn, I missed it! I’m totally there for the 48 second challenge, though.

  22. thegeorgy says:

    I need know how to see the game realized just when the time pass with the game realized… i made a complete super smash bros. Crusade online and a playable mario power tennis where you can play with curiose characters like Jimmy T., Dr. Mario, R.O.B., for example inside of the original playables, but playing vs with the original from the game else, was my idea… and with a vote that i remember if it have one in pc… please help to found my games, i dont played not one, zero abolutly of this creations, or i making something wrong… i used pidgin in #ld48 room… is deceptionant that ME DONT HAVE THAT THE CAPACITY OF SEE THE GAME REALIZED just WHEN IS MADE… or is not?

    Greetins, and yes, is a ask, How can i see my games made in the pidgin IRC #ld48 chatroom site?

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