C++ and SDL? is this allowed

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February 7th, 2012 2:44 am

Hey guys im completely new to LD, and im very interested to give it ago, but i have one simple question, can i submit games coded in C++(+)SDL? I saw the games in LD22 could be played online. but im pretty sure a exe can not be played through a website (i maybe wrong).



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  1. digital_sorceress says:

    C++ with SDL is fine, although some have determined this to be a difficult path for a 48 hour contest.

    Native binaries are fine, and are common, so you certainly won’t be alone. About 1/2 of LD entries are playable in a browser, and these do tend to get the most publicity.

    Also be sure to check the rules: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/rules/

  2. emjas says:

    Definitely allowed. Games don’t need to be playable in a browser, just downloadable in some fashion or another.

  3. Krony says:

    ah ok, well im at university and we are learning C++ and openGL, but i feel i would like to give SDL a try, maybe i should try java? would that be a better option?

    Cheers for the info

  4. Kvisle says:


    Just make sure that you declare your basecode beforehand, and remember that you need to provide the source code of your entry.

  5. ‘barebones’ https://github.com/williame/barebones is a micro-framework you may be interested in.

    It hides SDL or Chrome’s Native Client browser plug-in and just gives you a very simple bit where you decide what to draw on an OpenGL context.

    This means your programs run natively on Windows, Linux, Mac (presumed; not tried) and in-browser using Chrome’s native client (at full speed).

    The biggest complexity this adds is file loading. But you can see in my LD mini 31 entry how easy that can be when you understand it:


    Looking forward to competing with you in the future :)

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