Ludum Dare Meetup Discussion (GDC Monday)

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February 2nd, 2012 8:15 pm

In case you haven’t heard, on GDC Monday at 6 PM will be a free screening of Indie Game: The Movie available to all GDC attendees (well, the first 500 that arrive). After the movie, there will be a panel featuring the cast and crew. This event overall is expected to last until about 8:30 or 9 PM. For reference, the Independent Games Summit ends at 5:30 PM.

Our original plan for the meetup was Westfield Mall Food Court right after, but they close at 9:30. We need a plan B.

From our last survey, it sounds like we’re going to need a venue for ~50 people.

Here is a new survey:

In the Old Survey:

  • 68 people said they would like to attend a Monday Meetup.
  • 58 people said they would like to attend a Friday Jam.

That’s a lot!

Visit the comments below and help us figure out what we’re going to do.

6 Responses to “Ludum Dare Meetup Discussion (GDC Monday)”

  1. PoV says:

    One place Phil and I have been considering is Tad’s Steakhouse.

    Tad’s isn’t the best Steak in the city, but it’s cheap ($13), and the food is plentiful (comes with Salad and a Potato). Also if you’re familiar with Westfield Mall’s Food Emporium, they also use those buzzers for when your food is ready.

    The only downside of Tad’s is that there really aren’t many vegetarian options.

    • onefineline says:

      As a vegetarian, I have to say that I hate when there’s some sort of “meat-up” at a sausage place (or whatever) and the only vegetarian option is french fries.

      That said, options 2 and 3 are fine by me! =)

  2. ndotl says:

    Soon to begin learning game programming. I know many ‘just do it’, but I need to do it my way.

    I was just on your donate page. I see you got one from Anonymous. That’s cool, cause I would really hate to get on their bad side.


    P.S: You can remove your Post link, it appears I am just about the only one using it.

  3. Dear Game Jam Friends:

    Going to GDC? Want to be interviewed for the Game Jam Documentary?

    You just might be able to get into the film. Let me know (via EMAIL: breakdance at mcfunkypants dot com) and I’ll put you in touch with the producers.

    They are going to bringing a film crew to GDC for some interviews and have asked me to help rally the troops.

    Kind regards,

    Christer Kaitila
    aka McFunkypants


  4. MrPhil says:

    You might be interested to know that IGDA Party on Tuesday is open to non-members, but you do have to sign up:

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