MiniLD #32 – Quality vs Quantity – February 25-27

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February 1st, 2012 8:09 am

The goal
The goal of this Mini LD is simple: Who makes the most games, wins!
How many games can you make in 48h? Ten? Twenty? Fifty even? One way to find out! Take part in this month’s Mini LD!


  • Whoever makes the most games wins!
  • Whoever wants more rules doesn’t win 😛

A game counts as two if it matches one of the descriptions below! Each challenge can give you the extra point only once! No stacking!

  • Code your game in assembly language
  • Code your game for a retro machine
  • Code your game in under 15 minutes
  • Code a multiplayer game
  • Code a spatial 4D game

These are impossible to achieve on purpose! So disregard that and just have fun 😛

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Progress spreadsheet

Add yourself to the spreadsheet and track your progress!

The official miniLD weekend is February 25-27. But if you don’t have time or want to do this in other time for some reason, feel free to pick your 48 hours anytime starting now, until the end of the month!

The LD submission form accept only up to 5 links! What can you do about that:

  • If your games are web based, create a ‘menu website’ for them
  • If your games are downloadable, put them in one big zip!

Also, please make a list of your games, any challenges you managed to complete *giggle* and some descriptions and instructions if you feel like it on the submission description form.

The bundle
I highly encourage you to use common framework for you games so that you can have a number of minigames in one big product!

The Pirate Kart
At the same time Glorious Trainwrecks are organising Pirate Kart V jam! Their goal is to create 2012 games in 48h! I encourage you to kill two birds with one stone and submit your games to the Pirate Kart!

The Pirate Kart V announcement post

Make a game in 48 minutes!
Done with around 20 entries!

Looking forward to it!

71 Responses to “MiniLD #32 – Quality vs Quantity – February 25-27”

  1. ok, here it goes, my targets and rewards:
    5+ games: I fail, no pizza celebration allowed.
    10+ games: I’m happy, but what did I accomplish really? pizza, no cookies.
    15+ games: this is my goal, I’m allowed get pizza and dominos cookies.
    20+ games: if I do this, I am allowed pizza, cookies, and a visit to that fancy chocolate shop in town.


  2. callidus says:

    Challenge Accepted, let the game of making games begin.

  3. NoLan Labs says:

    Really really excited for this. Looks awesome.

  4. LegacyCrono says:

    1) Make assets
    2) Code a random game generator
    3) ?????
    4) PROFIT

  5. 7Soul says:

    This is madness!

  6. 7heSAMA says:

    Oh man. This is the most awesome. Seriously, I don’t know why I am loving this theme so much, but I am. Sos (or whoever thought of this), you magnificent bastard, stay classy.

    I am going to be using Flixel. Can I use Photonstorm’s Flixel Power Tools, too? (I’m going with “positively”)

    I’m really excited for this. ^^

  7. NeiloGD says:


  8. Sos says:

    No time to think! Just make them games!

  9. kylerhoades says:

    Awesome idea man. I’m mad keen, but I’m busy that weekend. In the spirit of ‘screw rules, just make games!’, I’m making my entries early. Bring it on!

  10. kddekadenz says:

    Could the games have all the same basic concept/principe?

  11. Pixel_Phased says:

    Will be entering for sure! i have lots of practice considering i just entered the GMC jam

  12. onefineline says:

    Maybe I’m over-thinking this, but what prevents someone from making 50,000 games that basically the same, but changed a really minor amount?

    Maybe I’m taking the “Whoever makes the most games wins!” statement too literally, and LD’s, *especially* mini-LD’s are more for the game creator’s personal sense of pride than “winning.” But, there is still some competitive aspect to all this.


  13. This theme?

    I’m in! No time to think! Got to move, move, move!

    Time to live! Time to fly!

    There’s no time to think, only time to move, move, move!

    Let’s rock out!

  14. Taugeshtu says:

    I screwed up my very first LD entry, now I GOT TO screw up my very first miniLD entry! 😀
    I’m gonna make just one game, lol 😀 Just to be sure I’m somewhere in the bottom)

  15. Axelhein says:

    Should the games be one file (exe, jar, swf, etc) or should they be uploaded as individual files?

  16. Griffablanc says:

    I will be in with other college friends. That will be our first Ludum & first Game Jam ^^.

    I’m already wait to be there ;P

  17. montyontherun says:

    thankfully this will coincide with Brazillian Carnaval week, so I will be relaxed and ready to rock ( I hate the carnaval party, but love the short-vacation )

  18. MrPhil says:

    I’m in! I’m going to use the just released Unity 3.5!

  19. SkullSoft says:

    I know this is off-topic, but does anyone else have trouble logging in?? I logged in 20 times and it ignored my login; went to that weird WordPress tab (again) and went back, was able to log in!

    On-topic, sounds like a cool theme! I think I’m in!

  20. Drabiter says:

    “Code your game in under 15 minutes” just make an endless space invader
    “Code a multiplayer game” is Pong with two players in one PC counted? 😀

    Anyway I have question. Say I make 10 series of game with almost same gameplay (ie. Space Bomb, Space Bomb 2, Space Bomb 2: spoiled, Space Bomb 3,…, Space Bomb 10) then I pack them in 5 zips, each one contains 2 games. Are they counted as 5 or 10?

  21. digital_sorceress says:

    Say I make 10 series of game with almost same gameplay (ie. Space Bomb, Space Bomb 2, Space Bomb 2: spoiled, Space Bomb 3,…, Space Bomb 10) then I pack them in 5 zips, each one contains 2 games. Are they counted as 5 or 10?

    They should count as 10, but it would make more sense to have one zip for all games, rather than 5 zips.

    You could make hundreds of almost identical games by using the same code and changing the odd sprite or variable or level layout… and you might win the contest that way. But if you expect people (anyone!) to actually play all of your games, then variety in gameplay is surely what matters.

    ie, if a player gets the impression that all of your games are almost identical, then you can expect them to maybe look at maybe the first 2-3 and then dismiss the rest. So many of your games may not be looked at by anybody. You have to ask yourself if that is really the outcome you want.

  22. blood_donor says:

    Is it ok to work in a team this time, or does it have to be solo?

  23. DanielWEJones says:

    Is the theme for this still to be announced or is it the same theme as the nanoLD?

  24. Pixel_Phased says:

    won’t be able to participate after all, i need to finish a pile of homework for monday, oh well

  25. manofdoom says:

    Totally in on this. Only managed to make 1 game last year (which itself was a LD entry) so time to catch up!

  26. BoneDaddy says:

    This is gonna be my first Ludum Dare! (Even if it is a mini) I love the attitude SoS has with this. One of my favourite things about compos is being able to do anything, and SoS’s emphasis on a lack of rules really speaks to me

  27. CNIAngel says:

    I’m down for this :) Sadly I missed the nanoLD but i’m hopeing to reach my goal of two games. Good luck everyone.

  28. ElzingaT says:

    I’ve wanted to participate in a few Ludum Dare events before but this is the first time I actually have the weekend free!!! I think I’m setting a personal goal for myself of 10 games. Seeing how the rules don’t state that this needs to be a solo competition I’ll probably try to get a friend of mine to help out with the art as well. I’ve got about 6 hours before it’s midnight here so I’ll probably take a bit of time to make sure all the development tools I need are downloaded and then it’s off to the store to stock up on frozen pizzas, chips, and booze!

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