MiniLD #31 – Dark Choices – Complete!

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January 22nd, 2012 1:22 pm

Dark Choices

Game Location -> Dark Choices

I finished my 48 hours with 9 minutes to spare then slept. This was a gruelling experience but one I’m glad I’ve completed. Now that I feel a bit more human I can talk about the game. As Jargon mentioned in his post we sync’ed our start and end times up and set at it. Since Dark Choices is set at night the lighting was crucial in getting the feeling right. It was a hard job getting the right look but I think I finally pulled it off ok. I used pre-made open source art work and Inveracity did an amazing job with the music (as per the rules agreed in the Ludum Dare IRC channel).

Dark Choices - In Game

This game draws influence from Dear Esther, Silent Hill and Amnesia in a way. I find their way of telling stories is very creepy and that’s the kind of fear that is the worst in my opinion. By the end of the 48 hours I truly hated this game but I am very, very proud of my first ever Ludum Dare game. In fact, this is the first full game I have ever finished. Thank you for the support and I’ll see you in one of the future events!

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