Stop Sopa Pipa Acta Game Jam – January 18

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January 13th, 2012 2:44 pm

Stop Sopa Pipa Acta Game Jam

Submissions are now closed!

Let’s protest! Make anti SOPIPA games on January 18 and make the internet crawl with these!

It’s the best we can do, let’s abuse it and help the internet stay the awesome place it is now!

Follow #sopajam on Twitter!

SOPA is down already, but there’s still PIPA.

For those who doesn’t know – PIPA is SOPA with two major changes

  • S is changed to P
  • O is changed to I

The hashtag is quite popular by now, so I think it’d be best to just use it.
The fight is not over even with SOPA down!

105 Responses to “Stop Sopa Pipa Acta Game Jam – January 18”

  1. NeiloGD says:

    January? Busiest month of the year for me? NOT BUSY ENOUGH! 😀

    I’m sure I can throw something together in a few hours!

  2. caranha says:

    This is awesome! I will try to save the day for this 😀

  3. Vic says:

    I am planning to help. Sopa is evil!

  4. Jorjon says:

    How does SOPA affect Ludum Dare?

    • caranha says:

      Let’s say someone, somewhere, thinks that a game linked here has some sort of infringing material. And complains to a judge.

      BOOM, no more, no questions asked.

      • RHY3756547 says:

        All games are meant to be made with original content though, right?

        • xhunterko says:

          Right. But then there’s the your grass looks like my grass and your sky color is the exact same sky color or your palette is my exact palette so I think you stole it from me so I’m shutting you down.

          • cymon says:

            That’s not the problem. The problem is right here. In the comments. You don’t need to violate copyright. All you need to do is facilitate copyright infringement to get blacklisted. So all I’d have to do is say “I use the gordionknot pack to rip DVDs” in a comment, like I just did, and PIPA has been violated. OR all you have to do link to a site that’s been blacklisted and you’re in violation, so if you’re not ready to scour every link on every page of your website you could get blacklisted too.

            And let’s keep in mind the uncontested power is in the hands of the MPAA. So this is going to be employed to protect Jersey Shore and Big Mama. Now, copyright violation is bad, but this seems to me a bit overkill for what they’re protecting.

  5. Chaoslab says:

    SOPA is not a good idea, but PIPA is significantly worse!

  6. SLiV says:

    Sounds like an epic plan. If you don’t mind the EU support, I’m in.

  7. Harest says:

    Like i said on Twitter : I’m still a noob in C++, a game in command prompt will be ok ? o/

    My lvl is : base learned in IUT Info (France).

    Anyway, nice initiative! No ACTA, no SOPA!

    • Mina-kun says:

      If you wanted to do something that was more visible than a console window, there are always options other than native games written in C++. Might I suggest taking a look at some HTML5/Javascript alternatives, such as MelonJS? (

      • Harest says:

        I’m totally outdated on HTML5 ^^ I’m first a web dev (mainly php/sql), and i learn C++ to do indie game(s). But i also need to learn to draw, make sprites and so on. That’s why i was thinking about command prompt. Maybe i can do it in JavaScript too, but i don’t know anything about this kind of things in js. And my knowledges in HTML5 are equal to 0.

        • Mina-kun says:

          Just check out MelonJS (linked in my last reply), it’s got a pretty great tutorial to get you started, and it’s not hard to extrapolate from there. :3

          It doesn’t actually need any HTML5 knowledge to work it (especially if you plan to just use the template included with the tutorial), it just needs an HTML5-compatible browser (as long as you’re not using IE 8 or less, you should have no issues). I recommend playing around with something like this while pursuing C++, because sometimes the terminal window/console can get to be a little discouraging.

          Still, a good console project always has potential (hell, NetHack still has a rabid niche following), and the point of game development is to create things you like– so knock yourself out with whatever route you choose!

          • Harest says:

            Too short to do what i would for it. I supported the #blackout by redirecting users on #sopastrike.

            Thx anyway for make me discover MelonJS, i’ll still try to do something, even if it’s not for this event which is already past.

            And nice job to all guys who participate 😉

  8. HarryTorry says:

    Is this going to be based on regular JAM rules?
    Because I am interested in this!

  9. I do like the idea of another 1-day-jam.

    The main issue remains, however: Aren’t we supposed to shut down on Jan 18th in protest of SOPA instead of powering up? If Twitter is going dark, we lose our main means of communication, after all.

  10. TheMightyComp says:

    I would do this if I could, because I hate SOPA with a burning passion, but I don’t have the time. Great idea though!

  11. Suese says:

    It will be important for you to make these games published and easily share-able on social networking sites. I’m not an American so I don’t think I’ll participate. Would seem a bit nutty to never have participated in a protest and then suddenly participate in a protest that doesn’t even effect my home.

    Good luck.

    p.s. intellectual property is a lame concept.

  12. Suese says:

    p.p.s. make a WEB game, make a share button and a discussion box because most people don’t understand or trust downloaded software.

  13. digital_sorceress says:

    Of course, making a game isn’t the only option. There are other forms of activism that might be more effective than taking part in a game jam.

    This is how activism works…

    (1.) Spread awareness to people who don’t understand the consequences of the proposals. The gamedev community already has high awareness already, so there isn’t much to gain from doing an awareness activity within the confines of this relatively closed community.

    (2.) Awareness achieves nothing in itself. Realise that there is money at the root of almost every decision in politics, and political decisions are strongly influenced by examining economic risks. Customers who have choice in where they spend their money, and they are free to take their business elsewhere should they not like the policies supported by a business. If enough people are strong willed to vote with their purse, then a policy can be a very bad economic decision for a company to support.

    (3.) Inspire others to be activists like yourself, so that the campaign becomes viral. Only with this can (2) gain enough weight to tip the scales.

  14. Drabiter says:

    I’m not from US but SOPA sounds bad. Let’s see if I’m in – just to make a simple game though.

  15. Andrew says:

    Due to lack of time, I already made mine. It’s a sopa simulator 😀

  16. NoLan Labs says:

    Great idea but I’m going to try to finish my game early. I typically put my games on newgrounds and I think they’re going dark on the 18th.

  17. cornedor says:

    I’ll try to be in. Need to go to school the hole day, but I will refuse to do anything for school (At least I will try that).

  18. fabmin says:

    Mais, comment vont-ils pouvoirs se payer une 8ème piscine en diamant s’ils ne se protègent pas derrière des lois qui empêchent les création de gens incontrôlable? Je suis de tout coeur avec vous.

  19. Chaoslab says:

    Well SOPA has been rejected by the house. Maybe time to update it to Stop PIPA Game Jam?

  20. digital_sorceress says:

    afaik, the DNS blocking portion of the proposed act has been withdrawn, but that’s all.

    Does this edit succeed in quietening the protesters? Does this edit mean that the act is harmless and acceptable now? Does this edit make the act more likely to be passed now?

    It’s only over when its over!

  21. Drabiter says:

    Hmm can’t find idea for this, so I pass 😀

  22. RHY3756547 says:

    Oh geez, I would love to enter but I don’t think I’ll be able to. (heavily limited time tomorrow)

  23. SparkCloud says:

    And I have school tomorrow. Then basketball practice. Then work till 9. Why couldn’t SOPA have been today instead?

  24. cymon says:

    What if, and this is just a hypothetical, SOPA and PIPA get curb stomped before this jam ends? Not sure if topical game jams are the best idea.

  25. Nilmrots says:

    I am strongly opposed to SOPA and PIPA.
    I will join if I can finish all my homework today.
    You guys are great.

  26. kulhajs says:

    Working on my first game right now, finally i’ve something to dedicate it to.

  27. devwil says:

    was i too late to officially submit my thing? :<

  28. SparkCloud says:

    Yep. Had NO time to work on a game… I guess I’ll put all this frustration toward making a IGF entry…

  29. 22bitstudios says:

    weird, my game isn’t showing up in the all games thing. Is this supposed to happen?
    (btw, the game is here:

  30. cornedor says:

    SOPA and PIPA are gone 😀

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