So after the compo ended, I decided to reskin my entry, Starlighter, into something new. What resulted is a borderline obscene (yet inexplicably hilarious) new product fit VERY only for adults. Kids, stay away from this one!

I did this partly out of boredom and partly out of the desire to see how with a simple reskin and a crude sense of humor, a game with a depressing and drab storyline can become a game which had numerous people in the room rolling around on the floor in fits of laughter and disbelief. If the theme were “Crude and Borderline Obscene”, I like to think this would have won the humour category 😛

Seriously though, this is ONLY intended for adults (18+) to play. It’s not pornographic or anything and contains no real life nudity, but is just by it’s nature, pretty darned inappropriate.

It contains wanton use of cartoon *ahem* dongs and other related (cartoonized) bodily fluids.

Really, it’s just for fun, I intend no offence by linking to it, I just wanted to share the result of a reskin which had me and some friends in fits of laughter 😛

I can’t really provide any technical support for it other than if you get an error message about MSVCR100 missing, install the redist package included in the folder. Any other problems I can’t help :S I know there are some bugs with the engine for some users and if the original game didn’t work for you, this probably won’t either.


So, for your entertainment (and purely for laughs for over 18’s only), I present what may be the first reskin of a Ludum Dare entry:

Super Turbo Fertilizer Extreme 2: Gentleman’s Edition

Made using the Starlighter Engine


Download (Windows Only I’m afraid!):

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