Results of my first LD…

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January 11th, 2012 11:09 am

Hi everybody ! 😀

So… let’s talk a little about the results of my first Ludum Dare…

Firstly, I’m very proud of me : I’m just a french teen (16 y.) and my game isn’t in the black bottom of the results (View). I think that my game isn’t not completed : there’s no audio, and only 6 different objects ! More over, there is no exit in the Maze… So you can’t win the game. A huge problem, isn’t it ? eheh. That’s probably because I wanted to create a multi-player game : It took a lot of time, obviously more as a single game…

My game is obviously boring. Not enough monsters, objects, reactions with the others players, always the same thing (“Random ! Random ! Random !” Said DogBomb 😉 ). 48 hours was too short to really complete the game… So, to my mind, making a multiplayer game is really hard during the compo. 

An other thing… I used PHP to make the game, and It’s obviously not enough funny for the player, not enough… “reactive”, even if I used javascript and Jquery  applications. Next time, I will code in C++ , oder in flash. But It’s an other history…

But I’m very happy because I’ve created a nice maze generator algorithm (3 hours to do this ! :O) … But the maze is really too huge for the 16 players in each instance of the game… You’re very lucky if you cross an other player, and if he’s not dead ! 😛

Now, some stats !

  • 8 mazes created, 6 517 rooms generated
  •  1 580 rooms in fire
  •  6 674 monsters spawned
  • 142 objects on floor
  • 112 players, 32 are dead
  • High score : 95
“Rendez-vous en avril ! 😀 “

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