On participating in two entries

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January 9th, 2012 9:50 am

I am thinking forward to the next Dare. What is the rule on being part of two different teams submitting a game?

Situation: I want to participate in the compo by myself.  My son and his friends want to submit their own game for the Jam — but they have no programmer. The games would be totally different and not share any assets.

Can I submit my own game and help them out with programming for their game?


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  1. Interesting approach. I’ve thought it over, and It sounds legit.

    We had a discussion during the final hours of the last LD about whether somebody could create a game in 48hours for the compo, and then another in 24 hours for the jam. The consensus was that one person should only create one entry, as doing otherwise would screw over the voting-system.

    This here would be different. There would be 1 game comepltey made by “You”, and another (within the relaxed jam-rules) by “The Team” (with “You” having a minor role). As both games would be submitted with to unique accounts that represents two completely separate entities, I vote for allowing it.

    Nice idea :-)

  2. I seriously regret not spell-checking that post.

  3. dock says:

    This seems totally fair. You should make an account for your ‘team’, but otherwise it’s totally solid. If not a little crazy! 😀

  4. SusanTheCat says:

    My son would start his own account.

    We are totally rocked my the ratings we got and all the awesome comments. I really appreciate the critical ones since know we know where to improve.

    I’m a crazy programmer/artist/writer/musician type. I would be making my own game so that I wasn’t meddling with what the others were working on. I have twenty-five years more experience then them and have a horrible habit of taking over.


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