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January 7th, 2012 6:36 am

So many games, so little time. How to choose which ones to try?
Two things I thought would be useful are filtering by platform and who the ‘coolest’ people still with a low vote count are.
I’ve taken the data from http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-22/?action=misc_links¬†and thrown it into a spreadsheet with a couple of additional columns to help with filtering. HasWeb, HasWindows and HasMac are pretty obvious, Karma is the ratio of votes received vs votes given.

Here it is in case anyone finds it useful.

OpenOffice format

Excel format

To update with fresh data, just copy the table from the misc_links page above into the top left cell.

If this was useful for you, I’d appreciate it if you rate my game :)


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  1. I like the karma-idea. We should base the entire voting-procedure on it (as in, high karma gets displayed at the top of the list)

    • digital_sorceress says:

      is karma more or less important than having the scoreboard be as stable as possible?

      For me:

      Most important: Freedom to play and rate what I please.
      Second most important: Having a stable scoreboard.
      Third: Karma

      The new “rate games” page kind of goes against freedom, because it makes browsing for games less easy than it was before. It restricts the list to games I’ve already rated, whilst practically telling us which games to play. We cannot now compare #ratings of one game with the others. It’s less freedom than we had before. :(

      Karma goes against having a stable scoreboard. Even if your own game has lots of ratings and thus has a stable average in itself, remember that it will sit in the scoreboard with other games that don’t have stable averages due to having less votes. Those games will nudge yours up or down the scoreboard just as if your game had few ratings too. So it can be a bit of a pyrrhic victory to have lots of ratings. The way to maximise stability is for all ratings to be evenly distributed amongst all games, yet I believe that freedom to play and rate what I please (including an easy way to browse the complete list and see what games are popular) is more important than this. :)

      • Beerman says:

        That’s a valid point – I think different people have different priorities here.

        Personally, I’d like as many people to rate my game as possible – even if it affects my overall position on the scoreboard negatively, I feel like I’m getting more accurate feedback that way. If anything I think there could be an argument for either not counting scores that aren’t based on some minimum number of reviews, but it would have to be handled very carefully to avoid unfairness and epic flamewars.

        Looking at the data I used for the spreadsheet over 200 people had a coolness score of zero. That’s nearly a quarter of all entrants that haven’t rated a single game.

        If something like the karma metric could be used to encourage the zero-raters to review some games it would go a long way towards increasing the overall number of ratings and thus hopefully improve the stability of the scoreboard.

        I think what I’d *like* to see for the rating page is a combination of a few things. Being able to see the entire list is a must, obviously. I think an ideal default ordering would be a variation of the karma metric which also highlights the games with the least total votes, but features such as filtering by platform and possibly by genre tags would also be helpful. If I can’t play a game there’s not much point having it in my list, and likewise if I’ve just rated 25 bloody zombie games in a row, a big button that says ‘ARGH! NO MORE ZOMBIES!’ would be a real bonus :)

  2. SonnyBone says:

    I hate not getting more ratings, but I also don’t mind having more freedom to pick and choose. If those people don’t want to rate games… then they shouldn’t have to. I don’t want them feeling forced to rate games… thus giving me a ‘bad’ score because they’re pissed off about feeling forced.

    Thanks to Beerman for making this…
    It will REALLY come in handy!

    We should be able to use this for all LDs… as long as there are no drastic changes, right?

  3. SonnyBone says:

    Also… I can’t seem to get Excel to accept the new data when i try to paste it… says the data size doesn’t match. I probably just suck at copying the original data, though.

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