Confused About A Few Things…

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January 7th, 2012 12:52 pm

After using my Ludum Dare account for a few weeks now, I’ve been noticing a few weird things… If anyone can help me (and others with the same problems) please don’t be afraid to speak! 😛

1. Association With And

  • I tried logging in to with the account I created for Ludum Dare, but it was saying someone else owns the username :( So for some reason either the Ludum Dare account is completely different from a wordpress account (which makes no sense, being that I’ve seen those people running around with avatars :P) or the password is not being accepted from wordpress for some reason.
  • The Home Page on says “Add an avatar –, use same email”. So I did. And it didn’t work. Because it said I didn’t have a “wordpress account”.
  • Instead I created a separate wordpress (using and not ludumdare) account with the same email.
  • I got into gravatar using the wordpress account, and changed the avatar, but it didn’t change my ludumdare account’s avatar (No surprise there)
  • I tried logging into LudumDare with the wordpress account, and it failed.

Suspicion: I think for whatever reason, LudumDare accounts are just not compatible with WordPress accounts.

What Could Be The Fix: That “WordPress 3.3.1 is available!” always bugs me. Maybe because Ludum Dare does not have the latest wordpress, the accounts are no longer working with each other.

Question: How did you people out there get avatars? How can I log into WordPress with my Ludum Dare account?

2. Video Embed HTML Code not working

  • I tried to embed a video by going into HTML mode and pasting the HTML code that YouTube gives you to embed. It didn’t work, all I got was empty space.
  • I tried the “Old Embed Code” and it had the same problem.
  • I tried the visual edit view and clicked “Add video with URL”. It gave a link to the vid, which was not the embed I wanted.

Suspicion: Ludum Dare’s HTML is outdated or is not compatible with the standard YouTube embed code.

What Could Be The Fix: Whatever code other people use to embed videos should be public or on the ludum dare home page. OR, Ludum Dare needs to update or make sure their HTML code is working properly.

Question: How did you people out there embed videos? What code did you use? Is there an easier way besides code?

3. Visual Edit for adding pictures and videos are messy

  • I’ve added pictures into a post before, using URL, but they came out stretched and distorted.
  • Instead of adding pictures using URL, I added them from the computer, and they came out perfectly.
  • The “Add Video” button for URL, as I said before, just gives a link to the video. I don’t know what happens if you upload a video from your computer, but definitely the easiest way is to do it from YouTube or another site.

Suspicion: The Visual Edit mode needs to be updated, or fixed, or made easier to use.

What Could Be The Fix: Updating WordPress.

Question: How did you people out there make your titles in a larger font and make your pictures not distorted, to the side, and embed videos? (The last one being the most important)


Sorry if that seemed a little noobish, but I am a noob at heart, and the best way to get help is to ask the community! 😉

Please comment, and thanks for the help in advance!

EDIT: Gravatar problem fixed, you need a wordpress account with the same e-mail as your ludum dare account. (Thanks Chaoseed)

Video embedding is solved thanks to matthias_zarzecki. “The video-embed-thing drove me mad when I tried to figure it out. Turns out just adding the link into the text automatically creates the embedded video.”

3 Responses to “Confused About A Few Things…”

  1. The video-embed-thing drove me mad when I tried to figure it out. Turns out just adding the link into the text automatically creates the embedded video.

  2. Chaoseed says: accounts are completely separate from Ludum Dare accounts. See, “WordPress” is software you can install on your web host that lets you have blogs, but “WordPress” is ALSO the organization that maintains that software, AND they run that software on their webhost to let people have blogs.

    So, you can have an account on AND you can have an account on

    As for Gravatars, I think this is the way they work in general: Some website wants to display someone’s avatar. They ask Gravatar “Is there an avatar associated with this email?”. Gravatar responds with either the stored avatar or an image representing no avatar, and whatever image it is, the website displays it. The important point is that an avatar on Gravatar is associated with an email address. So, you need to make sure the email address that is using in its Gravatar request matches the email address associated with your Gravatar avatar.

  3. Okay that clears it up a little! 😛

    Thanks guys!

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