Post Mortem on You Don’t Need to be Alone

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January 5th, 2012 8:00 pm

This not so much a post mortem, more a rambling of things I want people to know about my game.

My game was created by me, my son, his girlfriend, and two of his friends. (Ages 15-17) I was the project manager and programmer. The girlfriend was the artist. One of the friends was the writer, and my son and the remaining friend were music and sound.

The hardest part for me was to not jump in and do stuff for them.  I think I still railroaded them a bit so that we would have a game at the end of the 72 hours.

It was a learning experience for them of how adding extra characters increases the complexity exponentially. We started with 3 characters and ended up with 7.

Interesting tidbits:

  • The main character’s name is “Dude” since nobody gave me what his name should be
  • The sound effects of the mini game are me saying “pew pew” and “ow” into the microphone
  • The mysterious floating number in the upper left corner is the body count


There are no spoiler tags so read this at your own risk.

The back story is that the main character is a cyborg and he doesn’t know it.  After the accident, he was cyborg-ed up and sent back to the school as a field test. That’s why he has power armour in his bedroom.  The player is the voice inside the main character’s head. (The main character is going insane.) The accident short circuits something in his brain.  He starts having weird dreams.  Coincidentally, people start getting killed off and they are the people you have talked to the most. The three endings are Kill Everyone and end up alone, Insane Asylum (2 versions) where you are kept alone, or Get Cured and you return to your best surviving  friend.

The big hint to get the good ending: (Select the text to read)

Select from here: Don’t kill anything in the mini-game. Don’t let your insanity get too high. : to here.

Thanks for reading.

If you want to play the game:

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  1. dock says:

    I think you all did a great job :) Managing several people in a team is actually much harder than just two people!

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