How I messed up and what I learned for the next LD48

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January 5th, 2012 3:51 pm


What I learned not to do in a ld48

Ok, so some of you have found my game and seen that is less than… anything good. I can tell you right now that it is not at all what I had in my head when I started coding. This is just a quick recap on how I ended up with “walkabout”.

Ignore writing anything down

This turned out to be a huge problem for me. At first things were fine because I couldn’t even start putting the game together until I had a way to manage my game data in c++. The problems started when I got just passed that point and wanted to start getting things ready for the screen and the game as a whole. They started… then they got worse as time went on because my ideas changed little by little and I would go back and see that I had started code for an idea that I had several hours prior.  I figured meh.. fix it and move on. This led to me making a huge shift in my game idea Sunday morning so that I could have something. The hammer was a last minute push for something and the game turned out nothing like any of my original ideas.

Change Ideas Last Minute

Another bad decision I made was changing ideas Sunday morning. I ended up with less than I had. It was a terrible feeling come closing time knowing that I had tossed 1.5 days of work for .8 days of work. This one can probably be fixed by just planning a few things out from the get go.

Dont bother with code versioning

This one was not so obvious until sunday morning as well when in my baggy eyed stupor I deleted code for the code in the current version of “walkabout”. I ended throwing it on Github with just the final version. Had I kept my code in the repo from the beginning I could have just rolled back.

Don’t bother packaging code

Another thing I just didn’t do was package the code. In my rushed state I just submitted the source. Sadly this makes it a pain in the butt for the people that want to judge my… I suppose we can call it a game (:


Sadly I didn’t get to make what I would like to have turned it. I’m still not super confident that I should have entered the code in that I did. I now know what NOT to do next time. On that note.. bring on LD48 in April!

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