First day

LD22 was starting at 3:00 am (MiddleEuropeTime) in my country so I woke up at 8 am , checked the theme and started thinking about it. I knew how I want to do my game after minute or two so I started Unity, Chronolapse and horaaay to work.

At first I created (after 2 hours)  my own moving system ( I didn`t want to use unity basic 1st person prefab) … I had some problems with camera rotation but I managed to fix that. Then I created pistol used at end of my the game.( I thought that I create more action based game but I changed it to mix of adventure – action  :D)

I slowly started to create first room in my imaginary house and I thought up the best way to tell the “story” – by creating floating text meshes. After 12 hours of programming tasks like “switch the light on”,”open the door”, “waaa zombie …RUN!” I found up that I closed chronolapse (I dont know how… so there is 12 hour window in my timelapse :/ )

After first day I created ground floor and some furniture, door animation + first 4 or 5 tasks. I went to bed about 1 am(of second day :D).

Day two

I woke up and realized that I will have really long night. I had something about 30% of my game created. Firstly I started working on roof of garage(I better dont tell you how hard it was to fill triangle hole between ground floor ceiling and roof when you must create everything from cubes ) Then I was working on “zombie trying to destroy door” animation and I created task where you need to collect some items in garage to block the door ( + i added elegant (my opinion :D) timing system for that task … I was proud of myself :D)

The most funny part of that 2 days was creating animation “zombie is jumping trought the window” I really enjoyed that part I realized that my game needs more action so I thought up brick throwing and added scene when zombie broke the garage door and you must kill it with a brick  (+ added dead zombie face texture). Again some tasks like “block the window with long plank”  and I created basic of 1st floor + some furniture. Again task of type “kill the zombie with brick” + added window opening animation.

I realized that I have no time ( next day it was school and that means waking up at 6am… and  deadline was at 3am. It was something about 11:00 pm and I still needed to add balcony, neightbour house , ending scene in garage + tasks to everything….so I told my mum that I can`t go to school next day … fortunately she was OK about that . I catched second breath … had a little rest with stupid smile on my face (it`s not fun to spend about 12-13 hours in front of PC :D) And i knew that it was my last rest of that day   So I was programming and creating enviroment

Do you know what is fun ?  When it is 2:20 and garage door just can`t open for some reason … and when it is  2:40 and they still just can`t open … Somehow i managed to fix it. I added some more zombies and wretched end screen  in 5minutes. I was ready to upload … You can`t imagine how happy I was when I read that we have 1 more hour for uploading .

I was going to bed at 5 am realizing that i can go to shool if I can live with one hour sleep time  … but I can`t  😉

So this was my first LD and it was fun … 2 days of my life that I will never regret

btw. sorry for my english 😉

Looking forward to LD 23 !


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  1. digital_sorceress says:

    I’ve never seen so many smiley faces before! 😀

    • Ghostik says:

      But when you take some pen and connect every smile face with others you will get great smiley sociogram!!! You are right… I made a little edit 😀

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