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January 3rd, 2012 1:55 pm

I’m finding a lot of good games that haven’t received many ratings yet, and that’s just sad. So please, check out these awesome games and let’s try to get every entry at least 20 votes.

Dread Maze (demonpants) – A cute little maze game that has your fighter running around and killing things while making hilarious noises.

Dark Isolation (epaik) – A roguelike where you find yourself trapped in a strange cave. Has a crafting system, hunger system, and bears, soo many bears.

Are We Alone?  (Fiona) – Travel from solar system to solar system in search of life trying to answer the age old question, are we really alone in the universe.

Alone with… things! (Hazard) – A boy with the ability to animate objects. Great mechanic and art style.

Tomes of Solitude (Maato) – A wizard with powerful spells in search of ancient tomes. Very fun to play and the most unique take on the theme I’ve seen yet.

Solitaire of Solitude (Lusmu) – A new card game for one. Once you figure out the rules it is very addicting, and the cards are well drawn and quite humorous.

Deserted (stefano_ninja) – a telekenetic wizard on a journey. I’m a sucker of telekenetic games, and this one is pretty good.

LDKittenRL (zackhovatter) – another roguelike. This time you are in search of your lost kitten. Along the way you must fend off insurance salesmen and wild mechanics. If you like roguelikes this is definitely worth your time.

Lost in the Woods (ratboy2713) – a shameless self plug. Now with an ending, a secret ending, and more than four buttons!

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  1. dr_soda says:

    I am happy to see Dread Maze listed here. Even though I had some performance issues running it on my machine I really enjoyed the concept.

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