How To Fail At Making a Unity Game

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January 2nd, 2012 2:51 pm

I’m going to be honest (and critical) with you on this one, and some of you may hate me for writing this, but it is the truth (of what I mostly saw with Unity Games for LD22), and it should help everyone next time around. I’m going to make it simple with a list:

What You Should Avoid

  • Texture-less, poorly lighted levels
  • Ambient light being left at the default grey
  • Poor usage of physics (ex: the player being the only physic object in the game)
  • The default player movement setup (With the player having extreme jumping abilities and almost no gravity)
  • Menu-less, single scene, test games
  • Places to fall out of the world
  • A default sky-box or default light blue background
  • Lag
  • 3D text with the default font
  • Support for only 1 resolution

Little Things Some Games Have That Make ALL The Difference (AKA: What you should have)

  • Lock Cursor and Pause capabilities
  • Animations on items in hand
  • Ragdoll physics or physics objects
  • Sprinting
  • Crouching
  • Multiple Items to hold
  • A menu
  • Sound
  • Options (Ex: mouse sensitivity, quality settings (to remove lag), fog distance, clipping distance, etc)
  • In-game Instructions
  • A good GUI (Displays health, ammo, instructions, etc) Not the default GUI skin
  • Complete usage of Player Settings (Company name, logo, game name, app name, resolutions, config dialog banner, etc)

I could go on and on with this list, but you get the idea. Basically the main thing to worry about is Making it an actual game and not a “Test”. I recommend you don’t send in your “Test” to a Ludum Dare competition, unless you want to get this endless list again by play testers…

When I did LD22 I pretty much tried to focus on all the little things that made it look like a good game. Although while I’m being extremely critical about games, I have to say my entry Isolated Assault did not follow all these lists… but I got the important ones out of the way (Lock Cursor, pause, animations, physics, many resolutions support, menu, instructions………. just play the game. :P)

But I never said you have to follow the list exactly, just keep it in mind! 😉

Stay critical, and I hope all of you (Just a general statement. I noticed a few Unity games stood out that actually had these) actually keep in mind the little things next time around! 😛

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