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    Erased – Post-LD version

    Posted by (twitter: @Falkreon)
    January 2nd, 2012 2:46 pm

    I had a lot of wonderful feedback for this year’s LD. I never would have gotten so many people to playtest and give honest opinions. I spaced out a timestep issue, which is almost unconscionable – and there was a serious spell bug that I only discovered after the compo. So, since then I’ve been nailing down loose boards, slowing down combat, improving text, making things Just Work.

    So, with much more sense-making:
    Erased 1.3 (Post-LD version – don’t rate me based on this!) 

    The original entry is over here – again, rate me for what’s in the post below, not the link above.


    Changes in the post-LD version include but are not even remotely limited to:

    • Fixed timestep for all modes (known issue: cosmetic spell animations still act a little weird)
    • Slowed down battles in general, more distinct spell naming and effects
    • Added “1/Q 2/W 3/E 4/R” captions in battle mode so you have a hint of how to fight
    • Moved player dialogue over the player’s head and colored it, added more tutorial/help text
    • Drastically overhauled intermission text
    • Walking into an object now interacts with it, making space/enter often redundant
    • Player and enemy health increased
    • Player and enemy spell upgrades separated – major bugfix!
    • Player battle sprite is now animated
    • Most intermission backgrounds swapped with a higher-res version
    • Music added and sounds gutted to make room for less-irritating sounds
    • Battle is a seperate screen now instead of being painted over the map view.
    • Made Nyan Cat’s role in this story much more clear

    Please let me know what you think. I hope this release demonstrates my sincerity in listening to constructive comments, and I really will take them to heart and make the next game better. Also, if you have a post-LD version, I’d very much like to play it!






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