Hazard’s Gems

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December 31st, 2011 3:47 am

It took me several days of non-stop playing and rating, but it is finally done:

Bronze Medal

220 games (25%) have been judged in a critical but honest manner. The milestone i was aiming for.
While doing so i experienced fun and frustration, astonishment and annoyance, excitement and ennui, ingenuity and inability, sympathy and sadness, love and loneliness, quality and quantity and many more things… the games vary a lot in all of those aspects. But only a few managed to get me thinking: “Wow, i’d actually pay to have a more complete/polished version of that!”

I’ll use this occasion to highlight some of those titles that appeared exceptional to me. Keep in mind that this list is not meant to be a complete list of the top games. I only played a quarter of all games anyway. Its just a list of games that i think deserve some attention.


Final Trip Soccer by Benjamin

I won’t talk about this one… just play it! No, don’t ask, just DO IT! 😉 I reserved an overall rating of 5 Stars for extremely exceptional games and in the end this one was the only one of those 220 games that recieved such a vote from me.


The Last Geek by Robotic

It’s basically Super Meat Boy with better graphics and a gameplay twist. Easily the most complete game in this competition. The controls need some tweaks (movement ist too fast in my opinion), but apart from that there isn’t really much to complain about. Also the Kittendare challenge was completed in such a blunt and yet hilarious way that it deserves an award. 😉


Ennui by Zutty

The basic idea of this game is incredibly creative and the gameplay is deeper than you would expect at first. The game itself is a bit short, but it has a lot of potential.


Terra Dua by lectvs

An adventure-platformer, which is a surprisingly rare concept. Surely not among the most adrenaline pumping games, but intriguing and driven by the desire to see what happens next.


Loneliness by Vit

A game that doesn’t involve fighting or the threat of dying, which is a nice change. It comes with an amazing mood, a lovely main character and the by far most annoying message beep sound in the world. 😉 The amount of gameplay is quite limited at the moment, but i’d love to see what other friends she might gather in this desolate world in future adventures.


Are We Alone? by Fiona

The search for extraterrestrial life… always worth a game. The logistics and dangers of deep space exploration without it involving battles, invasions and other overly fancy sci-fi stories is quite a rare theme. Add more gameplay possibilities (like building outposts, permanent mines, etc.), many more things to discover and a way to recover from failures without restarting the game and you’ll have a game with a very unique feeling of exploration and discovery.


Thanks to those mentioned for these exceptional games, and equally to those unmentioned for their contributions in this event. :)

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  1. Pierrec says:

    Excellent selection, thanks! And you’re own game is awesome.

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  3. SusanTheCat says:

    Congratulations and thanks. That’s a big achievement.


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