I’m interesting in rating some games (I’m thinking 30ish?) that are focused on creating an interesting atmosphere or narrative, and than writing about my observations from playing them.

I tend not to be into “interactive fiction” for the following reasons.

– Non-intuitive control schemes (I’m looking at you, text-parser.)

– Boring opening situations (I’m looking at you, I’m-somewhere-but-I-Don’t-know-Why)

– Find-the-Authors-Solution-Through-Trial-and-Error (I hate you, every puzzle revolving around kitchenware)

However, if your “interactive fiction” doesn’t feature any of those qualities strongly, than we’ll talk :)

If you comment that you want your game to be rated, I’d probably be somewhat critical about it. Not actually that critical, because I’m a big softie who spent 3 days doing the same thing you did and thought it was totally awesome that you did, but still somewhat critical.

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  1. Pierrec says:

    I think my game is quite focused on narrative because it almost only implies dialogues (but this is not an interactive fiction). So, if you’re interested, please be critical. :)

  2. joekinley says:


    This is an interactive story with a nice narrative and an awesome atmosphere. I really like the mood and the atmosphere. And there is no puzzling, just simple story to follow. Also it should take you just 5 minutes to complete if you know what to do.

    If not, in the comments there is a quick walkthrough.

  3. I use Half-Life (and everything by Valve) as examples/reference when I build my stuff, as they always manage to tell a story /within/ the gameplay, with cutscenes, interruptions, or large amounts of text.

    The player then has the chance to discover/create the story on her own, instead of it being forced upon her, which makes it 1000x better.

    So here’s my story-though-gameplay-experiment. Hope it fits your criteria :-)


  4. Jigxor says:

    I really tried hard to create an immersive atmosphere in my game, Stray Whisker. It does have a short cutscene at the beginning but the rest of it is played jumping around as a kitten, exploring the world.

    I tried to create an atmosphere and story through gameplay. The player is free to do whatever they want, but hopefully they will spend some time enjoying the scenery and the mood.

    You can find it here:


  5. evilseanbot says:

    Matthias: Big agreement from me on my favorite type of game-storytelling (I assume you meant -without- cutscenes, etc?)

  6. bach says:

    Feel free to check mine out: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-22/?action=rate&uid=5433

    I entirely focused on atmosphere & mood, so I think it’ll fit your thing nicely :)

    Looking forward to your feedback

  7. nuprahtor says:

    I hope my game meets your criteria – http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-22/?action=preview&uid=2280
    It’s very short and unfinished, though…

  8. fishbrain says:

    I always approach Ludum Dares with the concept of originality.
    100% atmosphere, with creative game mechanics


  9. Rudy says:

    If you wish, you could check out our short Jam title Braille:


    It’s focus is mood and presentation as well as a “silent” story. Hopefully, focus on atmosphere is what you were looking for.

  10. Darn you got me at the second one! 😛

    I wouldn’t say its a boring introduction , but it is implied that you’re somewhere for some unknown reason!

    Anyways if you still want to take a look (There’s no puzzles, just a lot of running and sword swinging) :

  11. JoeDev_net says:

    Mine is a short story/atmospheric focused platformer. You could give it a shot if you want.


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