Rate ALL the things — Part 5!

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December 23rd, 2011 2:59 pm

I’ve broken the barrier of 10% of the all games played. Yay!

That said, today was a bit slower than the other days. I have to take a plane to visit my family this weekend, so preparations for that means less games played :-(. Even then, people in the irc and comments pointed me to some really amazing games. The picks for today are:

Spawn — You are a creature, alone in the ocean. You can create more life as you get nutrients in the environment. Your creations will vary based on the type and order of the nutrients acquired. And that is it. Although the premise is simple, the execution is well made, with relaxing graphics and sounds, and an interesting variety of creatures. Not as much a game as a toy box, but I spent a lot of time seeing what was the next creature that would pop out.

Arzea — A very well polished action platformer. Graphics and sounds work well together. The game is extremely fun to play — I had a lot of difficulty putting it down to rate other games :-P. Levels have a nice challenge to them, although the spawn rates are a bit high at the moment.

Blind — A maze solver with a unique mechanic: You can’t see the maze! You navigate using sonar, that will warn you of walls (or, in this case, of corridors). This makes for a hellishly difficult game, but worth trying out for the novelty.

Comfort zone — Another maze solver with a unique mechanic, but this one is a bit more complicated to describe. Your interactions with the different objects in the maze will alter your speed and your ability to move through obstacles. The mechanics allow a lot of room for interesting maze design, and the controls are very slick.

I hope that you are enjoying these reviews :-) If you want more, check my journal for my previous posts on this series. And if you want me to take a look at your game, feel free to drop a comment! I try to give suggestions/report bugs on all games that I play.

Fun holidays for all, and check next week for more reviews!

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