ACSII-version of my “Solitary Traveler …” and game tips

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December 23rd, 2011 8:24 am

Today I’ve experimented with the tiles and made an ASCII tileset. I like the result and want to share it:

It isn’t original game, not only because of tileset – it also has reduced difficulty, so i won’t add it into my LD#48 entry. But you can download it here (jar, must work on all platforms)

More detail description and tips:
– there is 9 underground levels. to descend just step into hole
– to ascend step on the rope and press Enter
– you can drill (Spacebar) non-solid rock that blocks your way
– to collect fuel (green diamond), drill it
– you can carry only 10 fuel units. visit your ship (step into the center of the ship) to unload it.
– do not drill fuel block if you can’t carry anymore, cause it will just dissapear (there is more than enough fuel inside the planet to collect though)
– your drill charge (Z) reduces, don’t forget to recharge it in time, because sometimes quake can block your way to the rope
– you also can kill monsters with your drill (only if the drill has some charge)
– screaming monster (yellow face) hit’s you every your step (even if you just run into wall), even if there is rock between you and this monster
– if there is more than one screaming monster around you, be attentive to your energy and restore it in time
– you restore your energy by eating food (Shift). don’t eat if your energy is full – that will be waste of food
– radar (Ctrl) shows full level map. don’t press any key if you didn’t finished looking. to use radar again, you must visit the ship.
– you can walk on lava, but it harms you
– don’t forget, that you can walk diagonally
All this tips is also actual for the original game – link to the entry

If you have any questions, ask here. If you won, please let me know. (Cause I can’t =)

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