Solitaire of Solitude – Post Mortem

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December 22nd, 2011 1:48 am

Here are some thought on my first Ludum Dare:

The Good

  • Timing – never really felt that I was running out of time, or that I’m going to finish too soon. I felt I was about ready when there was 2 hours or so left.
  • Learning – I was familiar with the tools already, but I have never made a card game before, and I tried out a couple of new techniques, which taught me a few valuable lessons
  • I was really inspired by the community – the progress reports, IRC and live feeds (Notch seems to have some mad programming skillz/routine)
  • File size – Web versions .unity3d file ended up just over 1MB, which is nice (Windows standalone is over 7MB zipped)

The Bad

  • Sounds. Not very good with them, and spend very little time on them, but at least I have them
  • Screen resolution isn’t very ideal (though shouldn’t be a problem on Windows standalone version)
  • The game rules are a bit obscure, I’m afraid too many players will lose intrest before ‘getting’ the game

The Ugly

  • Code – not enough routine or planning so ended up doing many things poorly or inconsistently
  • Poorly optimized, realized at the last minute that I have a ridiculous amount of draw calls and did some hasty optimizations to bring them down from ~250 to around 35, which is kind of ok, but I know I can do better
  • Graphics – I’m really not an artist, and as a result most of the graphics suck, though I am pleased with couple of the characters
  • The info screen is a bit messy, I have no idea if it’s of any help to anyone


  • A little bit of planning goes a long way
  • I was pretty close to the sweet spot between trying to do too much/difficult/new things and doing too easy/familiar. Maybe I should’ve tried something a bit more ambitious, but just slightly so
  • Maybe next time I pay a little more attention to accessibility and try to stay away from obscure/unfamiliar/abstract game mechanics
  • I liked the end result, and will make another iteration of the game soon with better graphics and improved gameplay
  • That was fun! Will definitely participate again!

Solitaire of Solitude development screenshot

I’d appreciate it a lot if you could give my game a try and give me some feedback about it.

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