Rate ALL the things — Part 4!

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December 22nd, 2011 9:08 pm

The RNG is my friend, and he is rewarding my rating efforts! The games I rated and commented today were so good that I had some real difficulty choosing which 5 games to highlight. I ended up choosing the games with the highest degree of polish in the list. One of the picks only had 5 rates so far!

Without further ado, here are the reviews I want to share with you tonight.

Alone in a Cave — A turn-based puzzle game, you have to take your character through maze rooms while avoiding robots and picking up items. The graphics and sounds were well though out and fit well together, and the game is generally well finished, with animations, transitions, good controls (minus keyboard controls), etc. The challenge is another high point.

Blue Moon — A fantastic puzzle platformer. The main mechanic of the game is quite innovative: you can spend your life force to activate mechanisms, or drain the energy of mechanisms to replenish your life. Animations and story are also quite well developed. The game is initially quite challenging, but suddenly gets trivial. Even then, it is a well polished game definitely worth playing.

Split Party — This game is the king of polish so far. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a game like this come out of a DS cartridge. Sounds, controls, graphics, everything fits well together in one tight package. Everything is actually dead simple, but I say this is a testament to controlling the scope of your game. The only downside is that to win this game you must be a heartless bastard who makes cute boxes cry.

Solus — A beautiful side-scrolling shooter. The mood of this game is palpable, and everything was built around it. Even the kittens hidden in the game don’t break its aesthetics. It is not so difficult since you don’t return to the beginning when dying, but it has a very engaging boss battle.

She Loves You — A 3D Action/Puzzle game. A very creepy game. This game is not as finished as the previous ones, since it still lacks things such as intro and ending screens, but it is worth the pick for its uniqueness alone. The model for the girl in the game and the maze design are very good.

That is it for tonight! Check out my journal if you want to see the picks from my previous days, and feel free to plug your game in the comments! I’ll make sure to give it a fair shake and offer some suggestions for improvement. A shout out to THE HUG MONSTER who is also making a series of reviews in his journal. (-o^_^)/\(^_^o-)

See you tomorrow!

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10 Responses to “Rate ALL the things — Part 4!”

  1. arkeus says:

    These are great. :) If you get time please rate mine! I love being able to find games that interest me through your reviews, though!

  2. Phen says:

    My game turned out a bit weird, but I’m quite proud of it! I’d love it if you tried it out: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-22/?action=rate&uid=4351

    Thanks for doing this series, I love it when I see someone attempting to review all of LD. I’m chipping away at the list myself, but I’m afraid it doesn’t look like I’ll get through it all before the end!

    • caranha says:

      It is a much harder task than I antecipated. I made it harder for myself because I try to put comments besides just rating the game! I’m getting some rating fatigue already, so I’ll take a break this weekend, but I’m glad you people like it! :-)

  3. Cirrial says:

    Thanks for the mention 😀

  4. waynebeam says:

    Thanks for the lists! It helps a lot. Here’s mine too. I’ve gotten some good feedback in the comments already but it’s all welcome :)

  5. cadin says:

    I’d love more feedback on my game ‘Spawn’:

    Downloading yours now…

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