Nightmares of a Wizard – Post Mortem

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December 22nd, 2011 12:19 am

– Nightmares of a Wizard –

Christopher Yayahkeekoot – @TheYayahkeekoot – Art and Design

Initially, we had our everything figured out. Going smoothly, we started on our various jobs but within the first 4 hours, our sound guy quit so we had to repost and restart. This was a major setback because we knew we needed sound for this game to go as we wanted. I remembered our friend Jacob Lake (aka ClankyTheGorn) did some awesome ambience so we skype called him and asked him what he thought… we were in luck as he was all for it… After that I found producing sprites wasn’t as hard as I had thought as long as I didn’t try to hard, letting my inner feeling take over.  This helped me a lot I think, more so than sleep food or even the bathroom (ok, mabe the bathroom helped more).

Things that went well:
-The title menu and HUD
Having finished most of the sprites, I decided to rework the title menu so that it fit the feeling more, I added a fade around the edges and a blood glob that looked more like red wax seal, in the corner which probably made all the difference.
– The Voice Acting
We found that by the time we had it finished, it required voice acting to put the cherry on the cake. This wasn’t so much hard as it was  repetitive.. the mic we used wasn’t of the best quality as it lived on Gabriel’s floor. Instead, we worked with it so that it produced something that, though quiet, had no background noise or sharpness. Finally, using audacity, Gabriel amplified it so you could hear it over the background music.
– The Damage system and spells
We knew exactly what we were going to so that helped alot of the spriting side… Having the image in my head I went to work on the fireball… Saturation up, glo up, make a tear shape and paint it orange… done, next the Ice blast spell… Simple ball of blue, add glow… add lgow…add glow (etc x20) and voila! The acid and lightning sprites produced by gabe forplaceholders but were so good we just kept them.
– The theme and storyline
Here, we developed it as we went although we had a good overall story planned. We didnt want to try to develop a story without first knowing the theme so we decided to wait until it started before developing. Fast, effective and easy to implement, our story was also very manipulative.

Things that went… meh:
-The Wall sprites and floor sprites
I did these fast and they were the first thing to do… Not making a Spritemap was the worst idea ever and I may just go back and fix that in a hotpatch in the near future (it’s just a lot of effort on my part) so … yeeaaah
– The Level Select Buttons
These were mass produced by me in 5 minutes, I wish I had spent more time making them fit into the background, possibly having them be constellations or something, though it is not necessary at all
– The Achievements
also made these extremely fast but they came out a little better than the level select buttons. I wished I had made them a little lager and more intricate but whatever, I enjoyed them anyway.

Things that went wrong:
– The wall sprites
ugh… I did them to fast and I wish I had made a sprite-map as  I stated before. These were everywhere and made things look amateur and messy and so I give my apologies in that respect.
– The original Gargoyles
We needed a static enemy that didn’t move but still attacked the player.. In a castle what is there to shoot you? Gargoyles! The original grgoyles were hideous, tiny and just overall bad. So I redid them and they look a lot better when I spent more than three minutes on them…
– My body
After the first 23 hours my body decided to just stop working… off to bed for a half an hour and then Gabriels mother woke us up so back to work… It was good though, then 20 hours later my body was just screaming at me to stop… nope, i stated, not happening… it happened. About 6 hours later got up again and blasted off the rest of the game. Slept very little last night as I am not screwed in the inner clockworks. :/ it’ll fix itself eventually, till then I’ll work on the game more!

I had hoped to have some interactive rooms, such as levers/buttons/gates that opened stuff to give it a more moody setting as, currently, it is a dungeon crawler with waves of enemies and a boss… fun but repetitive 😛

–( Overall )–
Our product, Nightmares of a Wizard, overall excelled our first standards and hopes. The appearance of the game could have gotten a little more working on but we were stressed for time and it was “good enough” for me. The coding was beautiful

PS: I really loved messing with people


Gabriel Silvarredonda  – @gabotun – Programming and Design

What went right?
--Programming went very smoothly, I figured I would have more bugs then I really did, and I only
ever got stuck with a couple of strange changes I must have made by accident and did not notice.
--I really have to give credit to Chris for all the spriting here, he worked fast and efficiently
and we got all the stuff we needed by the deadline, my 1920x1280 desktop is still full from the
70+ sprites he made in 72 hours!
--The mood ended up working very well, we feel the tone of the story flows and the cutscenes
allow it to really be what it is.
--Jacob really pulled through for us as well, we originally had other ideas for music, but
after some problems with that Chris and I asked him for the best songs he could come up with and
the end result was spectacular. Stick around for the credits to hear my favorite of his pieces!

What went wrong?
--Making this as a dungeon crawler style was a good idea, I had originally hoped to implement
more boss battles however, but time began to run short near the end so we ended with simply
polishing the 9 levels we got done.
--We had some awesome voice acting for the different achivements, but in the end only had
time to polish and implement the main story voice overs, which was dissapointing.

In conclusion, NoaW was a lot of fun to make and I am very glad the theme wasn't kittens! xD

PS: I know this is a Repost but I wanted to make it was seen, it got bumped off rather
quickly last time it was posted but now that everything has slowed down, I'm reposting
for the lulz :D 

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