The Wizard Apprentice Saga Begins!

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December 21st, 2011 10:37 pm

I posted this on my personal blog as well, but thought it was appropriate to post here as well, since it directly relates to my Ludum Dare 22 entry.

Ludum Dare Entry: Play/Rate The Wizard Apprentice

Ludum Dare was really an eye opening experience for me.  I had a ton of fun and I’m getting an amazing amount of feedback from the indie gamedev community, which is fantastic!  Thank you all so much for running the competition, for participating, and for the honest feedback.  I intend to compete again, not for prizes but for the love of game development and to give back to the community!

I think as a result of the experience, I’m going to continue developing “The Wizard Apprentice” prototype into a more feature-full game.  I may even write the 2nd chapter in our curious little wizard’s adventure for the next Ludum Dare… :)  I love doing the level and puzzle design and dropping the assets in and playing with them is really a blast!  I’m not going to abandon my HexDev project, but it’s moving to the back burner for a while.

I decided that I’m going to run with the concept and fix a lot of things, keeping some of the puzzles the same, rewriting some, and adding a lot more content.  I’m probably going to rename the game, because the name is too generic and I literally decided on the name in the last 10 minutes of the competition while I was submitting my entry. 😀

I’ve done a couple of things so far, worth mentioning, so here’s a glimpse:

  • I’m revamping the way my modeling in Blender was done, so I have cleaner transitions and better control over connections like the stairwell.
  • Opened up the room depth, taking full advantage of the “octagonal space” on each floor.
  • Stairwells no longer require a turn halfway through (I’m not sure if this will make it harder or easier, but so far I like the new style better)
  • Adding Toon-Style shading where appropriate
  • Fixed some camera angle issues to give better depth perspective.  (may tweak this some more)

As a result of the feedback I’ve received so far (and the lack of time I had for implementing it to begin with, the following fixes are on my list already):

  • Fix First Person Camera control to face the direction the avatar is upon entering.
  • Fix the mouse cursor by locking it in place and adding a crosshair type GUI element while channeling “C”
  • Add Textures to the walls to give it visual flare.
  • Add Music, Sound.
  • Improve “hidden” objects like keys in cabinets, so picking them up doesn’t go unnoticed.
  • Adding more floors, more puzzles, more secrets, more ghosts, possibly a kitten (?)

Lots more to come!  Stay tuned!

If you’re interested in following the progression of this game in the future, you may want to subscribe to my blog, where I will probably be posting some Alpha builds continuously as things get updated.



3 Responses to “The Wizard Apprentice Saga Begins!”

  1. Snuffypot11 says:

    Glad the feedback was helpful and hope you do well in the comp. I give a huge thumbs up to the toon style shadding!!! I just love that kind of look in games. I will be following you blog from now on. Oh and could you tell me where you learned UNITY from because im just starting out with UNITY3D and would like a push in the right direction 😀

  2. Ralkarin says:

    Glad you share the same sentiment about toon shading. 😉

    Unity is an incredible toolkit/engine and I would highly recommend trying it at least. I developed games in C++, used other game engines, and moved to the flash platform before starting with Unity. Unity was just something I started using and dabbling with in the last year (since July of 2010 according to my blog). I’ve been using Blender for quite a few years now, mostly dabbling with low resolution modeling, but it works wonderfully with Unity for asset importing. (If you’ve ever written your own model import parser, you’ll appreciate this feature). You should probably know C# or JavaScript at least, but they also support Boo for scripting.

    I guess the best advice I can give, is to go download it, maybe play with the AngryBots demo, and start reading some of their documentation. The Unity3D team did a great job compiling tutorials, resources, scripts, packages, and all kinds of great stuff on their website:

    The second thing I would do is pick a small project (think LD48, but give yourself more time), and try to build a quick prototype in Unity. This will be invaluable and it’s how I got started with the toolkit.

    Watch this video from Alec Holowka who formed a Unity User Group. He builds a simple game during the presentation to showcase what Unity is capable of: Then you can follow him on Twitter (@Infinite_Ammo). He shares and tweets a lot of Unity community stuff. :)

    The community is really supportive with common questions as well:
    And there is a community driven list of script and shaders here:
    Oh! I also watched a handful of these, but I imagine for a beginner, they could really show you the ropes of how to do some simple things in Unity. I periodically reference these when I need to implement something:

    Hope that was enough. At the end of the day, intrinsic motivation is going to get your further than anything that anyone can suggest, so get out there and get going, and you’ll get somewhere. :)

  3. Snuffypot11 says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have been playing around with UNITY for 2 weeks or so. I have managed to make objects move around and found out how to write a mouselook script. I am a 3D artist and so know how to make 3D models very well. I was mainly asking what your main source of learning scripts was.

    Thanks for the links and advice. I’ve started following you on twitter and have been reading your blog. HexDev is very cool (Gauntlet mode is suicide though haha).

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