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December 21st, 2011 7:40 pm

I refuse to call it a postmortem for the end of the dare is not the end of the game , Due to how much i like the idea and the game-play i will continue Chronoflux. now to get down to the meat of the post.

What went right:

-Sound creation was a breeze with sfxr and Greasemonkey’s Autotracker-bu it took all of 5 seconds to add some sound to the game;

-Art creation though its not a work of art by any stretch I made art that make your eyes bleed and it take too much time.

-Infinite Coffee who needs sleep anyway

-Made a map editor as clunky and painful as my (sort of unreleased) map editor it is much better then if i tried hard coding it

What went wrong:

-Lack of outside testers caused me issues such as the slowdown on level two (caused by poor collision detection) and the difficulty of some puzzles(end of level 2 for example)

-Lack of sleep to be honest i slept a total of 2 hours during the dare, as much time as i gained not sleeping i lost much more from being tired… i may have started mumbling to myself and rocking back and forth one hour… but thats besides the point…

-Infinite coffee without it i would have passed out, it would have been for the better

-Lack of time i lost many hours from my madness cause by lack of sleep so i lost time to add features such as past npcs, animations and a proper tutorial.


All and all if you get anything from this. code +fuel = game. sleep = fuel. coffee != fuel

by the way you should play my game


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