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So, i quickly lost track of what i’ve played and it seemed a bit hard to find games that run in my platform (Mac OS X). To fix that i decided to code a solution: Ludrator!

This is just a simple html page that puts a sidebar with all the LD48/Jam games with a nice checkbox near them. Also adds WIN, MAC, LIN and WEB “tags” for each one (based on a small heuristic that seems to work) with checkboxes at the top to filter-by-os.

The checkbox for each game is supposed to be used to mark the games you’ve played/rated. Its state is saved using HTML5 localStorage so you can close the browser/computer and later come back to it and it’ll still be there.


How Ludrator looks like.

You can find Ludrator here: http://runtimelegend.com/pages/badsector/gimme/ludrator/.

There is both a zip version and an online version. Unless you have reasons, prefer the former since the latter will be slow and the former contains the Python script used to make the sidebar (so you can hack it for a new LD or whatever).

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3 Responses to “Ludrator: keep track of the games you’ve played and rated!”

  1. Zuieni says:

    Great tool, I will definitely use it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. alfredofreak says:

    You, sir, are brilliant. I don’t know if I can will myself to play through every last game, but this will definitely help!

  3. iforce2d says:

    goddamn that’s awesome. I think this needs to be pushed more, like a sticky on the rating page or something.

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