Isolated Assault Post-Mortem

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December 21st, 2011 4:34 pm

My entry for LD22 (ISOLATED ASSAULT) was somewhat of a wave survival game, getting harder with each death, until you reach the goal, the escape chopper.

I had a lot of fun, and, after being my first time, I will most definitely do this again.

Here’s the “Proper” Post-Mortem:

How I Spent My Time

Timelapse here if you want to take a look.

Basically I came up with an idea while I was making the game. I had already pretty decided it would be first person. And also I had pretty much decided the enemies would be cubes. (Just to make it easier on myself)

I didn’t particularly like the theme, alone, but it was better than kittens. 😛

Mainly I worked on getting the character movement to be as smooth as possible, that’s where most people messed up, to make the game fun and re-playable. I tried to make the sword animations as hectic as possible, just to make it look a little more stylish. I made the wall and floor textures 8 bit and repeatable. I made the music overdone, with a lot of instruments (using garageband) and very complicated. I did this because I remembered all those 2d games with catchy music but terrible graphics.

I implemented the theme by having enemies appear if you put on sunglasses, but disappear if you take them off. The catch was that in the sunlight, without sunglasses, you burned. So you had to find shaded “safe” areas to take off your sunglasses and regenerate health, while the enemies disappeared.

The sound effects were done in CFXR (I especially like the enemy death noises). The language I used was Javascript. The game engine was Unity Indie. The 3d modeling software was Blender. This cannot get any simpler.

I chose these programs because, well, they were free, and also because they’re proper towards making an indie game.

What I Learned

  • The smoother the gameplay and character movement, the better
  • Sound is a very important part of game development
  • Don’t over-complicate things, keep your main code in as few scripts as possible
  • Particle effects make the game seem more complete

What Went Right

  • The music was mostly catchy and was repeatable
  • The gameplay was smooth and the sword attacks blended together well
  • The implementation to the theme (being alone, only when your glasses are on)
  • The sound design was okay, especially with the enemy deaths

What Went Wrong

  • There should have been more enemies
  • The enemies should have been easier to fight
  • There should have been more things blocking your path
  • There should have been better GUI controls and being able to change the mouse sensitivity
  • The level design should have been worked on better
  • The game should have been longer

All in all, I think I did an okay job, maybe not the best, but it was fun enough to please my friends, and good considering the amount of time I had. (Less then 48 hours, more like 30, I had to go to some places)

Try it out here.

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