Your chance to be in the rts Do Dungeons!

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December 20th, 2011 8:20 am
The Current People from IRC!

The Current People from IRC!

Okay, as many of you (IRC) know. I have been developing an RTS/Dungeon-like/TDS  for a bit of time, and a big point of the game isn’t the game in it self. It’s including people. That’s why all the in-game playable Characters are real people from the IRC. :)

As you see in the image (UP), i have included a few. And this is your chance to be a part of it 😀

When you’re in the irc/Talking to me in the IRC. you’ll have an chance of being made into an Character/Trap/Boss/Enemy in the game.


Thanks to the people who is already in the game :)

(Bigger version of the image over: )

3 Responses to “Your chance to be in the rts Do Dungeons!”

  1. BretHudson says:

    This sounds like fun! Hope to be in it. 😀

  2. Cell says:

    Already got lot’s of people :)

    40 <

    still accepting more. MOAR.


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