Viktor the Vampire lives on

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December 20th, 2011 4:00 am

We did not manage to finish our vampire platform game in time for the Jam, but we like the idea and have some nice art assets, so we’ll continue working on it over the holidays.

What went well

  • We created a lot of art assets that we really like
  • We came up with a cute game idea (vampire boy searching for teddybears in scary vampire castle), despite the challenging theme
  • We even created some sound effects, although they are not in the game yet

What did not go so well

  • Map creation and tile engine – we initially used Tiled for map editing, but had problems with implementing game physics on the loaded map data  (some of our tiles are large (256*256), while others are smaller, which caused headaches).  Eventually we wrote a tile engine and game physics from scratch, with some map generation code, but by then there was not enough time to finish the game.
  • Not enough time to actually get to implementing the game logic..

What we will do differently next time

  • Use an existing tile engine, or write basecode for one before the competition starts.  There is enough work in game-specific code, no point in re-writing tile engines for each competition.
  • Map creation in Tiled was straightforward, but time-consuming.  We are trying out programmatic map generation from python now.
  • Get a simple playable game asap, afterwards add more features and graphics.


Finally, a part of a room in the big scary vampire castle:

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