The voting-process explained

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December 20th, 2011 1:00 am

So I thoguht I’d explain the somewhat complicated voting-process again, for everyone who’s new.

This is the voting-screen. Here are the details

1. The list of Developers. The entire list is randomized, to ensure equal visibility. At the beginning only 20 names are visible, but once a certain number of those has been voted on, the list extends, showing the next random batch.

2. The amount of votes this developer has gotten.

3. Pressing this button will load the entire list. It will still be randomized, though.

4. Coolness-rating. Hovering over this spot reveals the coolness-rating of this developer. Coolness is awarded for the percentage of rated games. Should this person rate ALL games, she would get a coolness-rating of 100%. The developer will get a medal displayed on the left, next to the name. Bronze at 25%, Silver at 50%, and gold at 75%.

5. Competition-rating. Games can be rated in the categories Overall, Innovation, Fun, Adherence to Theme, Graphics, Audio, Humor, Mood and Community. The Community-rating describes the actions of the developer towards the community, for example by providing blog-posts, timelapse-videos, and other additional pieces of information. Ratings can be 1 to 5 stars, or “n/a”, should you feel you cannot give a proper rating in a certain category.

6. Jam-Rating. The same system as in the competition applies, only with games that have been entered in the Jam.

7. Text-Comment. An X appears should you have given a comment (which is broken, I guess, as it always shows a X when you have voted. Or it does something else that eludes me)


I hope this helps :-)


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