Step Off Postmortem

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December 20th, 2011 11:47 am

I had a lot of fun this ludum dare, thanks everyone!

The game I ended up making was Step Off, which is a simple play forever style game with 40 items to unlock. The description from the game page- “you play the purple guy who is so deathly afraid of other people’s company that it physically pains him. To stay alive he must make them leave. But he doesn’t want to talk to them or touch them so he just throws stuff. ”

This wasn’t the game I initially set out to make, however. Infact, it was quite the opposite at first (a brooding, dark, abstract platformer/narrative), but I felt that it was boring and not fun so I started over with something I thought would be fun.

My process in making Step-Off was very “loose”. I didn’t really know what I was making at first, I just added things one by one, thinking to myself each time, “that would be fun.” And eventually things fell together with a little elbow grease.

The controls:┬áThere has been a lot of mixed criticism and praise on the aiming while throwing objects, so I’ll go a little into my thought process behind the choice. I didn’t want to use a precise aiming method like the mouse, because that would have been to easy and tedious. I wanted something that felt like how I feel when I’m throwing something myself in real life- challenging but it’s satisfying when you hit something.

What went right: I learned a lot from my previous entries, and because of that I had about 5-6 hours to polish the game and add more unlockable items.

What went wrong: wasted a little too much time on my first idea when I knew deep down it was never going anywhere. Also I bought nothing but lasagne to eat which got really boring…

I’ll end with a gif since you guys seem to enjoy those a lot :)

Thanks again guys!

And you can play the game here.




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