Post Mortem – First LD, First Time using Java

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December 20th, 2011 10:47 pm

As with all crazy ideas that people don’t think will work, mine actually did. I chose to learn Java over the weekend while creating my game, in Java. I learnt a tiny bit of command line output (no input) over the week and set up a compile batch script. I’ve looked into Java development in Eclipse previously, but gave up due to the complexity of the interface. Instead I made my own development environment.Work Environment

As for snacks, day 1 I lived off of a small roll, 2 cans of coke and some M&Ms that where picked up later in the day. I drank plenty of water and was sitting in front of a nice fan (Summer in Australia…). I worked from 10AM start time to about 8PM solid, trying to get the base of my game up and running. Lots of googling and viewing of public source code helped me to build my game. It was then time for a dinner break so I grabbed some Cheese Lowers pizza. After eating I went straight back into code in an attempt to get the basics for my game out of the way before midnight. I hit the sack after that, but being restless and eager to continue work I drew up all my cut scenes meaning I went to sleep at about 2AM.

Woke up at about 8AM, showered, grabbed a snack and relaxed for a bit. I was back into my game with image editing. Since I had hand drawn the cut scenes I tried to vectorize them. I wasn’t going along very fast so I swapped to Paint.Net and used some of their tools to make the cut scenes look a bit better, but still hand drawn like. After finishing the cut scenes I implemented them into the code and started doing a level system. After finishing the level system I had a few bugs that would pop up every now and then, but I couldn’t see where in the code they were coming from. I threw in a 5 line bug fix that checks for it and now it’s all fin and dandy. Finished work around 5PM when I stopped for a lunch break, uploaded it and wandered around, trying to stay off of my PC for as long as possible.

All that time I was live streaming and streaming radio, whenever someone popped into my live stream chat I tried to say hello. I’m currently in the process of compiling my time lapse. I’ve been replying to everyone who has commented on my entry, and from doing that I have another game idea which is currently in development as work is so slow. Planning on turning one of my parked domains into a temporary game site, implementing a nice high score system and adding some sounds to it (after judging closes of course). I may even redo the artwork!


My Entry:

Live Stream:



P.S. 300 people have visited and loaded my completed game 😀 I’m happy cause that’s more people who have played a game by me than ever before!


TL;DR Version:

Didn’t know Java before, know Java now.
Sleep deprived.
Ate nothing, but kept fluids up.
Streamed Radio, drew cut scenes.
Plan on making changes later, as well as a new game before Christmas.
Live streamed whole thing.
Time Lapse Coming.



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