Only You Can Save The World Post-mortem

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December 20th, 2011 5:04 am

Well, that’s my first ever Ludum Dare over and done with! Cannot describe how much fun I’ve had, it’s definitely cemented my love of game design/development. Will probably enter into as many future LDs and mini-LDs as I can handle without completely failing college, because if anything is good practice for game design, it’s being constrained to 48 hours. You can find my game here.

What went well:

My art assets were pretty much finished by the first hour of the competition, which meant I didn’t have to use placeholders, which I hate with a passion

My level creation code, although messy, is pretty versatile and meant I could make some fairly interesting puzzles, although more on that later

Once I’d finally got my collision detection code working, I had absolutely no problems with it. It was very simple, which meant it was very, very difficult to break

The overall game, I found, was very fun, even if it was rather difficult and short


What didn’t

The collision detection code. Jesus, when it worked it worked beautifully, but before then it was a major headache that cost me somewhere in the area of 5-6 hours. At least now I know how to do it.

The levels were very simplistic, with only 3 unique puzzles spread across 4 (non-tutorial/boss) levels. Even though the puzzles were not necessarily easy, the very, very basic level editor meant that it was hard to visualise more complex puzzles, especially as this is my first puzzle game.

LWJGL is a harsh mistress. I used a .bat stating the location of the native library for my original submission, but after almost a day of tweaking I managed to make it find the library when you run the .jar verbatim.

In my next game, which I’ve already decided on, I will use an xml-or-similar-based level file, to allow for easier scripting of levers and such, and a graphical level editor for easier visualisation.


Well, that’s that. When all’s said and done, my game’s development went rather smoothly, and I hope yours did too. Now go play 800-odd indie games, you’ve deserved them.

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