I will rate your game!

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December 20th, 2011 6:43 am

Once again, I am willing to rate your games.

But there is a few small caveats:

  • I am terrible at 3D games.  They give me vertigo
  • I hate platformers.  I hate jumping, I am no good at it.

I can run Windows, Mac, and Linux.  I am partial to story games and sims.


8 Responses to “I will rate your game!”

  1. bzizizi says:

    Try this one. It has some story and it’s almost not 3D (top down camera)

  2. ratboy2713 says:

    Mine is kindof a point and click adventure, without the clicking.


  3. cadin says:

    ‘Spawn’ is not 3D but might make you a little dizzy from all the swimming around in circles:


  4. dem0 says:

    Mine is a goddamn hard precision flying game with hand-drawn graphics.


  5. nuria says:

    Mine’s a dating sim, it’s got some story too, so it’s your kind of game 😀
    where’s your game so I can rate it?

  6. SusanTheCat says:

    Thanks everyone! I’ll be rating your games over the holidays.

    Here’s my game:

    It’s a dating sim/side scroller mini-game


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