[DUNGEON DAN] Post-Mortem

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December 20th, 2011 3:34 am

If you haven’t yet here is my JAM game for you now consideration

Mandatory Screenshot

What went well:  

  • Making the “engine”. Most of it was just remaking my old LD16 but better, so there weren’t very many problems there. But my Makeshift FoV/LoS did cause some problems. I originally was checking if there was a wall to the right of the character, then tiles to the right of the character would be black. The problem here is that if there’s a hallway to the right of you but it ends, you’d still see past that wall at the end of the hallway. So I eventually ended up having to learn how GameMaker’s Collision_Line function works without internet access. Which was actually a ton of fun, and got the job done.
  • Art and Music went swimmingly. As usual I managed to produce adequate graphics in a low amount of time, basically going along with my “draw shit and then decide what it does in the game later” strategy. And I spent the last hour of the Jam making the audio for the game. Which turned out really nice too IMHO. I used DrPetter’s {Musagi} for the main theme and {Bfxr} for the three(3) sound effects. I also put the main theme on soundcloud if anyone is interested: http://soundcloud.com/mortar-1/dungeon-dan-main-theme

    Making a theme song

  • Overall I just had a ton of fun and I’m super happy with the end result

What went not so well:

  • TIME TIME TIME, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. I was off skiing  friday/saturday/sunday so that forced me into the jam with little time to work on it. Thus I only have one level in the game. But I’m fine with that. It might have been cool to explore the puzzle possibilities better but I’m content with what I got. I also didn’t have time for menus, win screens, help, etc. though the controls are simple enough to not really need instructions.
Overall I had a gread LD22, see you all next mini-ld or in April!



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