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You want a Post Mortem? I got a Post Mortem for ya!

Posted by (twitter: @DrJarajski)
December 19th, 2011 1:09 pm

Well that went well…

Oh, you want me to elaborate?

What went well:

  • I had an early playable, and it was just a matter of adding stuff from then on
  • I managed to make a 2*5 pixel character spooky.
  • My first tileset loader! I will reuse that!
  • My first 2D level generator! (Gotta love the sine function!)
What didn’t:
  • I didn’t find any meaningful gameplay elements that wouldn’t screw with the mood
  • Not much else
Stuff :
To be honest, I wasn’t sure what kind of gameplay I wanted, but I knew I wanted a sidescroller with a character exploring a vast world, in which he would feel alone and isolated. Inspired by the feeling I got playing some Knytt Stories levels.
In the end, that was all I really came up with, an atmosphere and a feel, and at the 30+ hour mark, I decided that was all I needed.
Some people have criticised that it doesn’t have much in the way of gameplay, and to that I respond : “Pssh, gameplay? In a game? ’tis for the weak and the poor…”
Yeah, I know, I dropped the ball on that bit, but I really REALLY didn’t want to kill the mood with enemies or some kind or convoluted objective, so if you want gameplay, move right along.
However, I hereby promise that LD #23 will see a “gameplay TO THE MAX!” submission from your’s truly!
But Gaeel, how come your game sounds SO GOOD?
Why you flatter me…
Beyond the terribly self-congratulory tone, I do want to make a point here.
Awful sounds are vastly superior to no sound. Please people, drop a few random sounds from SFXR and a quick soundtrack, even if it’s just a few chords and a beat.
I rate 3-stars in sound for games that have AT LEAST one sound effect, and I rate 1 star for no sound when there’s no technical reason for that to be the case.
Consider the following game :
One of the best I’ve tried so far, yet SEVERELY lacking in sound. Now put on a gloomy soundtrack or a city background sound effect in your headphones and play it again, WHAM! Instant PERFECT LD entry.
I know people don’t think about sound much, but it has a subconscious effect that speaks straight to the “Ooh, this is cool” part of the brain, USE IT!

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