You want a Post Mortem? I got a Post Mortem for ya!

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December 19th, 2011 1:09 pm

Well that went well…

Oh, you want me to elaborate?

What went well:

  • I had an early playable, and it was just a matter of adding stuff from then on
  • I managed to make a 2*5 pixel character spooky.
  • My first tileset loader! I will reuse that!
  • My first 2D level generator! (Gotta love the sine function!)
What didn’t:
  • I didn’t find any meaningful gameplay elements that wouldn’t screw with the mood
  • Not much else
Stuff :
To be honest, I wasn’t sure what kind of gameplay I wanted, but I knew I wanted a sidescroller with a character exploring a vast world, in which he would feel alone and isolated. Inspired by the feeling I got playing some Knytt Stories levels.
In the end, that was all I really came up with, an atmosphere and a feel, and at the 30+ hour mark, I decided that was all I needed.
Some people have criticised that it doesn’t have much in the way of gameplay, and to that I respond : “Pssh, gameplay? In a game? ’tis for the weak and the poor…”
Yeah, I know, I dropped the ball on that bit, but I really REALLY didn’t want to kill the mood with enemies or some kind or convoluted objective, so if you want gameplay, move right along.
However, I hereby promise that LD #23 will see a “gameplay TO THE MAX!” submission from your’s truly!
But Gaeel, how come your game sounds SO GOOD?
Why you flatter me…
Beyond the terribly self-congratulory tone, I do want to make a point here.
Awful sounds are vastly superior to no sound. Please people, drop a few random sounds from SFXR and a quick soundtrack, even if it’s just a few chords and a beat.
I rate 3-stars in sound for games that have AT LEAST one sound effect, and I rate 1 star for no sound when there’s no technical reason for that to be the case.
One of the best I’ve tried so far, yet SEVERELY lacking in sound. Now put on a gloomy soundtrack or a city background sound effect in your headphones and play it again, WHAM! Instant PERFECT LD entry.
I know people don’t think about sound much, but it has a subconscious effect that speaks straight to the “Ooh, this is cool” part of the brain, USE IT!

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