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Workaround for the broken journal links

Posted by (twitter: @RustyBotGames)
December 19th, 2011 10:08 am

Just in case you haven’t figured this out already:

If you want to see the journal for a game’s author from the entry’s page, it isn’t working atm. A quick workaround (after clicking the link) is to copy or write the author’s name after a “=” just at the end of the adress bar of your browser. This would look like this:



I’m doing this a lot actually to make my mind about the community rating for games I rate. So go rate many of all these wonderful games!

3 Responses to “Workaround for the broken journal links”

  1. Manuel777 says:

    I noticed this too, lets pray to SoS or PoV so they can fix it :)

  2. mildmojo says:

    It’s been bugged since the last compo; I noticed it during the Horror miniLD. =(

    How do you find an author’s username from their display name, though? For example, this entry’s from “Peter Cooper”, but that isn’t his username:

  3. tcstyle says:

    Ah. I forgot that case. There was a workaround as well. Iirc the search can help.

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