Wallpaper of all 890 Ludum Dare games!

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December 19th, 2011 8:48 pm



so many!



27 Responses to “Wallpaper of all 890 Ludum Dare games!”

  1. caranha says:

    I can see my game from here! 😛

    Also, soooo many games with dark backgrounds… *takes note: get rid of the default black background first next LD48*

  2. CaptainFresh says:

    Lol, it took me like 3 minutes to find my game, but I found it! :) Very cool, thanks bro! :)

  3. WITS says:

    Found my game right away. Second from the left in the top left! 😀 This is awesome!

  4. Darien says:

    Yeah, it took me a good long time to find my game. But I’m there! 😀

  5. newton64 says:

    r10,c11 for me. Thanks for putting it together! She’s a beaut.

  6. Nice job!

    Though it’s getting to the point where we’ll have to squint to even realize what we’re seeing with these Ludum Dare mosaics. :)

  7. Randomasta says:

    Good thing my game is predominantly green, so it’s quite easy to find :)

  8. sirius_black9999 says:

    HAH found it, i would have guessed the neon-green text might stand out, but it doesn’t at low resolution so it took me pretty long to find it:P
    c24 r13

  9. GreaseMonkey says:

    It’s a good thing my game has fugly dirt tiles on fugly green with some not so fugly blue things in it. Found it.

  10. konsnos says:

    Hehe, my first Ludum Dare entry is there!!!!

  11. cappelnord says:

    Got to find the GUY game now …

  12. andrew845 says:

    Awesome, found my game!

  13. NAMKCOR says:

    Oh man that’s so cool, wow.

  14. rawbits says:

    I’m soo glad I submitted mine even it is half finished. It’s soo good to see it on that wallpaper among the others! I feel really good and got back vim.

    Thank You Ludum Dare!

  15. Mr. Wonko says:

    I just wasted so much time looking for my game… The black background coupled with the lack of text doesn’t make it easy. I even cheated by looking at my screenshots again so I’d know what to look for – and still couldn’t find it. Well, until I finally did. I suppose hidden object games aren’t for me.

  16. scriptblocks says:

    This makes me happy:) Mine is at Row 8 Column 1

  17. Mjiig says:

    White background makes it easy :)

  18. hipon says:

    yeah, found my game! *in about 10 mins* lol

  19. Drabiter says:

    Found my entry’s screenshot 😀

  20. Elusive says:

    Awesome! Mine is at column 22, row 17 :)

  21. Thief says:

    Found mine, it’s black with a red smudge in the middleish.

  22. Madball says:

    You say there is 890 games, but total is 891. Which game is missing?

  23. Jonny D says:

    So, when are you going to start constructing one of those hidden figures with all the game images?

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