[Victory] It’s raining refrigerators.

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December 19th, 2011 10:57 pm

No, really — that’s the premise of my jam entry, “Alone in the Rain”.

The world is ending. Destruction is raining down upon the world. It will all be over in four days. We all saw it coming — nobody is really all that surprised.

What is surprising is the manner in which the destruction is raining down: refrigerators? From the sky!?

There is an underground shelter that people are gathering at. Families and friends are attempting to reunite there in order to spend the final days of the Earth together.

Nobody wants to be behind. Nobody wants to be left alone..

Alone in the Rain was written in 72 hours, from scratch, in C++, using the lovely Allegro game library and the powerful Chipmunk physics library. The game has been (painstakingly) ported from OS X to Windows and Linux (don’t hold those four (4!) hours against me). cfxr was used to produce the delicious 8-bit sound effects. GIMP was used to create all of the graphics. This game features my first attempt at a human sprite and walking animation — huzzah!

There are five areas in total. The game is surprisingly challenging and unmerciful, although (in this author’s opinion) quite fun to play and experiment with. I am absolutely thrilled with the final result, and cannot wait to see what fun games everyone else has come up with!

Download Alone in the Rain

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  1. aus_mike says:

    Solid little game, well done. And thank you for posting the source. The player animation was good.
    Can you explain what process you go through to paint per pixel in gimp?

  2. noffle says:

    Thank you for your kind words. The source is pretty hurtin’; it started out well, but functions started to clot up in one chunk near the end.

    When using GIMP for pixel art, I usually use a zoomed in view of the sprite and move frequently between Pencil (hotkey N) and Dropper (hotkey O), keeping the Pencil at scale=0.1 for one-pixel-width. Usually I have my executable hotkey’d so I can quickly launch the game and see how my tweaks look with minimal fuss.

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