Time for everyone to high-five everyone else.

First Ludum Dare. Had an amazing time. Much thanks to Helloserve (hosting a spectacularly perfect local jam) and FuzzYsp0N (for his unremitting awesomeness).

Things that went right:

  • Jammed with friends, thanks to Helloserve (as mentioned earlier).
  • Got help from friends when things went wrong.
  • Had fun with the game and had fun as a result.
  • Put friends and family on hold.
  • Things that went wrong:

  • Didn’t know the theme when I started. We’re in South Africa, which is 8 hours or so ahead. Kind of expected “Alone” to win, but was in denial of it.
  • Caught a virus on the first night (but solved it thanks to FuzzYsp0N, see: Things that went right).
  • Shitty internet on the last night (I moved venue). I accidentalled the submission zip file at the last moment.
  • Stuffed up the theme even after I knew what it was. (I changed the ending of my game to amplify the awesomeness and ended up failing even harder on the theme)
  • Ran out of witty dialogue long before I had finished writing all the dialogue… “Bro?”.
  • I think I’ve made the kind of game that if you know me, or are like me, it’ll be an enjoyable twisted pleasure. But if someone isn’t “in” on the premise it’ll probably come off as silly and disjointed. I had plans to build in a progression loop over multiple plays, but that turned out to be out of scope. As it is (in the 48hour form) it’s weird and maybe funny, but not as compelling as I’d like it to be.

    Yet it turned out a lot better than I thought it would be (I’ve never made a game like this). Much thanks to many good things conspiring together.


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