Post-mortem & Timelapse

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December 19th, 2011 8:25 am


I feel like i’ve experienced the exact same scenario as my LD20 :

I started late, trying not to aim too high, but still wanting to add some fancy stuff like XP, ending up at -5 minutes without any thought on level designing.

What went right :

  • I haven’t been stucked by any coding issue
  • It’s not as ugly as i thought it would be
  • I made a batman costume !
What went wrong :
  • I spent too much time implementing XP, thinking about level scaling, how you would xp… Next time, no leveling
  • Consequence of previous point is that i didn’t spent any time on the levels, and that’s what a game usually is, good level design
  • Shipping with bugs, i think i stupidly broke my score counter in the last 10minutes, also the level up window is buggy
  • No sound

I think i would have finished it with one more day but that would still be an unfunny game based on XP instead of cool mechanics. I’ll try to shape it into something playable in the future.

We all read articles about not being trapped by adding too much things, about cutting features, thinking small… But I still fall in those traps and that’s why Ludum Dare is fun and rewarding.

Let me share my admiration for “Step Off” by intmain, which has basically the same *concept* but is waaaay more fun, cool feeling and awesome graphics.

You can try mine here.

The timelapse:

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