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    Post mortem + “extended” version

    Posted by (twitter: @deepnightfr)
    December 19th, 2011 7:06 am

    I posted an extended version of my game. It only adds a difficulty setting, because most people found it too hard ;) Yes, it IS actually very hard. But I wanted to make something more challenging and intense this time: it serves the ambient a lot to emphasize emotions (being chased and put on edge).

    What went right:

    • the animations: painting a dog walking was quite an amazing challenge to me, especially as Photoshop lacks good animation tools (unlike GraphicsGale). But I’m very proud of the result
    • the particles: it was really quick to add fx in the game, I used a previous lib I made for the LD20,
    • the gameplay: there is pro/cons about that, but compared to the previous versions I add during the weekend, the result works fine (not great but hey)

    What went wrong:

    • the difficulty: insanely high and lacks a good progression, fixed in extended version
    • the music: when I added the “being chased” gameplay, the calm and moody music became awkward; it was not fitting at all anymore… But I kept it.
    • the SFX: I like DrPepper’s SFXR a lot, but it tends to be repetitive after 4 LD entries… I definitely have to dig the Sfx question before next LD!
    • the final sequence! I spent like 2-3 hours on it, and the high difficulty made it hard to actually see T_T

    4 Responses to “Post mortem + “extended” version”

    1. nSun says:

      I tried and finish the two difficulty level, but I dont really feel different.
      I dont feel it so much hard… as I hope a hard mode ASAP ;)

      The only “wrong” I see, is that the framerate been slow during the 2nd intro (when subtitles appears),
      but put it during a playing scene is a great idea.

      I love this game. Maybe too short… but longer dont go with this story telling (also in 48h), so it’s correct.
      Maybe try the concept of following-shadow for a next game, with more levels ? :)

      This concept (following-shadow) is really fun. It make possible to design stages as action, skill or puzzle in the same game-play.

      I play this game many time last night, also this afternoon.. And now, I think I will play again a couple of time.
      Thanks you very much great deep’ !

    2. nSun says:

      I finished the “extended” version in normal mode.
      During the final sequence, I press “S”, and the game restart put freeze just when the dog get up, thinking about the red ball.

    3. Ce jeu est rellement… stressant :D ! Mais je trouve que le theme est extremement bien abordé et l’utilisation de la musique est vraiment bonne ( ce son quand l’ombre de chien s’approche… brrr… ). Bref, bravo et j’espere te revoir au prochain ludum dare :D

    4. deepnight says:

      nSun> Thank you for reporting this bug, I fixed it in extended version :)

      Katurha> merci ^_^

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