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December 19th, 2011 2:25 am


Well I’ve had some time to think whilst getting the time lapse finished… here’s a short post mortem on my first ever LD48 event!

my entry

What went well:

– The tools I chose all performed well and provided no barriers to getting the game done. I hadn’t done a lot of work with a couple of the tools I used so it was good to get more familiar with them from this process.

– I got the game to a playable state (that said… it doesnt have the gameplay features I originally desired). Touching all the major bases (sound, visuals, code, animation,  fx, music).  I can always work on it again at a later stage and see where it ends up.

– I had fun!


What didnt go so well:

– I really had trouble with the theme. My mind keep going to zombie and ‘last man standing’ games but I didnt really want to make one of those. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to make … I had a game idea in my mind and on paper but it ended up being too complicated to get enough of the core mechanics working well enough to make it fun. I ended up chopping out almost all of the unique little obstacles and traps that I didn’t have time to get right.

– My time management was poor. I got lost in time experimenting on a couple of FX / textures … meh at least it was fun! And I also lost a lot of time to pre-commitments and my little bubba Claire!  I had a work Christmas party on the Saturday night…. doesn’t mix too well with game dev.

– Sleep + eating habits: Next time I’ll be making more time to sleep and follow my usual eating habits rather than disregarding sleep and eating junk at the computer.

– I probably needed to make a game that wasn’t so content driven. An even more abstract and simplified idea would have been better.



Looking forward to the next one!!! Bring it!


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