Ludum Dare 22 Has Ended! 891 Entries! Judging Begins!

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December 19th, 2011 8:54 pm

The smoke has finally cleared, and by the end of 3 intense days we have a total of 891 entries (stats)! Holy cow!

For the next 3 weeks, we’d like to invite all participants back here to the website, and ask you play and rate the games. Visit the Rate Games page for a list of 20 randomly assigned games, just for you.

Left side numbers are Compo, Right side are Jam, number in brackets is how many ratings

The random list will grow over time if you need more, and you’re free to pick and choose what games you play. If we can get everyone to play at least their assigned 20 entries, that will give us a good baseline set of stats overall. And if you can play more, that would help a lot!

With Christmas next weekend, it’s understandable that people will be busy. I will be sending a reminder out to the mailing in about 2 weeks, so if you’re not already on it you should sign up. Then be sure to stop by January 10th for the results.

Ludum Dare 23 – April 2012 – ** 10 Year Anniversary! **

It’s pretty crazy when you think about it, but the next Ludum Dare event coming up in April will be our 10 year anniversary. Yes, we’ve been doing these silly events for 10 years now! Wow! Be sure to stop by in April for the big one! Lets break 1000!

Ludum Dare at the Game Developers Conference

Phil and I are regular attendees at the Game Developers Conference, so if you too are attending, stay tuned. Last year we did a meetup as well as an afternoon Game Jam at NoiseBridge. It was a lot of fun hanging out with with everybody. We don’t have our plans figured out for next year yet, but stay tuned!

You are all awesome

Thanks everyone for coming out and making this another record breaking Ludum Dare.

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To tidy up the front page, here are some posts worth looking at.

29 Responses to “Ludum Dare 22 Has Ended! 891 Entries! Judging Begins!”

  1. waynebeam says:

    Thanks Ludum Dare for a great weekend! Excited to play the games and get the results

  2. Holy pixel, that’s a lot! Great fun, everybody. Thanks to you and the LD crew for putting up with us. :)

  3. Thanks for an awesome Ludum Dare guys! Can’t wait for #23!

  4. Jacic says:

    Thanks a ton everyone for making this great! I’m so in for LD23! ­čśÇ

  5. Doft says:

    Man that’s a lot of games >__>
    Is there any way to check how many games I’ve rated?

  6. Jiggawatt says:

    In LD22, we’ve made more games than in all of 2010’s Ludum Dares combined. Think about it.

  7. digital_sorceress says:

    In the first round of the voting stage, we estimated 1000 games would be submitted going by past ratios of submitters:voters. But we fell a little short of the estimate this time (81% instead of the usual 91%)

    Possible reasons?

    It appears that the theme was disliked by many, and that may have driven some contestants away.

    Perhaps also there was a higher percentage of first time contestants, who are less likely to put something together in time. In the survey, 69.7% of people said “No. Not at all” in response to the statement “I am a game jam veteran and expert”.

    In a survey carried out earlier in the year, about 25% of contestants said this it was their first time at LD.

    Also notice that the final stage of voting pulled over 1800 voters, so I expect a similar number attempted LD, with only half that number (891) managing to submit anything.

    • @digital_sorceress It could also be that making games is a hard-ass task that many underestimate the difficulty of. If anyone was ever in arm’s reach and complained to me about the theme, they’d get a smack in the mouth and sent home to their mothers.

      Anyway! Thanks for another great Ludum Dare,PoV!

    • PoV says:

      At least in prior years (before last year), December used to be our lowest of the 3 months. Something changed though. I wonder what? ­čśë

      • digital_sorceress says:

        That trend you mention may still be true, but it would be hidden: LD’s recent rapid growth in popularity is steep enough to mask any seasonal fluctuations.

  8. digital_sorceress says:

    >> It could also be that making games is a hard-ass task

    But how is that any different from past compos? The proportion of people who succeed out of those who want to take part is expected to remain similar. I’m looking for other factors that attempt to explain why this proportion can fluctuate. :)

  9. caranha says:

    I have a question about the rating:

    If a game has no sound at all (due to time restraints, not design decision), should I vote it one stars or zero stars in the ┬Ęsound┬Ę category?

    In other words, is the zero stars a ┬Ęvery low┬Ę rate or a ┬Ędoes not apply in this case┬Ę rate? Are ┬Ęzero star┬Ę rates taken into account when calculating the final score?


  10. Dax says:

    What does the number after the name mean?

  11. strkl says:

    Thanks ludum dare for allowing me to actually finish a game, and test my real motivation as a developer !

  12. prettymuchbryce says:

    My game doesn’t seem to be showing up in the competition list. I’ve been through every page and its not there. It only shows up if I search. what gives?

  13. Wompus says:

    I’m happy to be part of this growing community :)

  14. Milo says:

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we broke 1,000. It’s really crazy how fast this community grew (I blame notch); this was only the 3rd Ludum Dare I’ve done, and there are 2.5x more submissions than there were in the first one I did…

  15. pbdiode says:

    You’re awesome too! I’m definitely in for LD #23!

  16. whatthemall says:

    yeah it is funny because my birthday is the 23rd of April

  17. zihnibabuz says:

    ludum dare <3

  18. digital_sorceress says:

    Re the discussion you’re having on twitter:

    Perhaps the best way to sort the games list is alphabetically, but starting from your own username, and wrapping at the end.

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