Lost Porst Mortem

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December 19th, 2011 11:11 am


First pot mortem ever haha, many things to say about this ludum dare! First of all, thanks to everyone for making out of this the best gaming competition ever, without any other people posting stuff all the time and chatting on the irc it wouldnt be the same, it keeps the motivation up in the sky even if you arent doing anything interesting, so thumbs up everyone for that!

Now with the game. At first, i had this idea of a racoon who is alone and must gather trash and food to survive on the city.. but the bloddy racoon kept looking like a cat! i hated him so i left him as a cat.
Then, i started writing the platforming engine based on the animations i just drew, i rewrited it afterwards but having that done quickly helped me a lot to start designing the entire game in very short time, so it was three hours after i started and i already had an idea, a style and an engine! yay! it was time to get into the theme.

After making the engine and the first levels i stopped for a while, i needed a story.. so, its a cat. and he is alone.. it naturally suggests the cat has been abandoned or something liked, and since i was rejective to the idea of abandonment (too sad for me hehe) i developed this “i forgot my cat on a road trip!” idea.. silly but it works!
So after having a bit of a placeholder intro i wrote a few more levels, added stuff, lives, texts and other stuff and took a long break before entering the last day.

Now on the last five hours i was determined to finish as much as i could, so i took the damn thing and started rewriting the platform collissions, added a menu (wich took me less than expected), sounds, finished the intro and mini tutorial, added one more level, GFX (rocks, water splash, orbs), fixed bugs and added a stats tracker. I actually ended up with enough time to make more stuff, but my ambitions where beyond the time i had left; I wanted to make a pretty Day/Night cycle to make things easier for me when making more levels, but after starting it i realized it was too much, so i submitted the game without it.

Rounding up;
What went right?

  1. I completed a style i wanted to have on a game for a long time, kind of like a neo-retro thingy. i also managed to make a 2x scaling engine with surface in very short time, because i already had everything on m yhead from a start.
  2. The platform engine turned up really well, despite the few bugs.
  3. I managed to complete the intro in a way it actually explains what happened, at first it seemed as if you where abandoned and seemed crude.
  4. I kept the game simple all along wich kept me on a very constant workflow during the whole time, also managed to  balace the ammount of sleep and work, unlike other times.
  5. Had tons of fun! :)

What went wrong?

  1. I couldnt finish the advanced day/night thingy (too much to do in so little time)
  2. During the whole compo i couldnt think of a reliable ending so i left that aside for too long.
  3. No timelapse! forgot to turn on chronolapse.. a pity because it would have been awesome!
  4. I suck at platforms level design hehe, specially with puzzles and such.


Now its time to see the results of everyone’s work, Cheers and good luck!

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