Flod Embarks

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December 19th, 2011 5:41 am

My submission for LD 22 is Flod Embarks. You are a little robot with the strange name Fraxtol Flod-Pirno S’nint. You’re lonely and very cute. Somehow you ended up in a part of space that appears most lonely. But can it be true? Are you all alone out here? *sigh* You gather all your courage and board your old spaceship to explore all these thousands of sparkling planets in the hope of finding some cute friends for yourself, somewhere.

There’s not really much to the “game”, but at least it is in its own way something like a complete package… Adding more stuff, I could turn this into a real story based rpg, or procedurally generated rpg. I started very late because of various reasons, one being me not having any ideas. At some point I just started with my half idea and just embarked on this mission to find out where it will take me. With not much of a story or gameplay in mind, only the basic mechanic of flying to planets and visiting them, I tried to put a proper dose of cute into it, at least.

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