First Timer’s Post Mortem

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December 19th, 2011 12:06 pm

T – O – G – E – T – H – E – R      A – L – O – N – E

I thought I would share some thoughts on how my first Ludum Dare compo game came out. It is an object avoidance game with a simple but unique take on the idea of being alone. It also features a song where I sing. If you feel like playing it, the link is here:

Da Big Problems I Faced 

  • Deciding on an idea – Even though the theme I thought most about before the announcement was “Alone”, I still had trouble getting started on my game.
  • Implementing my ideas – I wound up scrapping my first two ideas (although luckily I could keep some elements and graphics) because they just didn’t seem that fun and also were getting complicated to implement. I need to follow the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principles more closely.
  • Comfortableness (<—- I don’t like this word) with environment – I like to jump into things and pretend I am pro at them, only to learn….I AM NOT! The confidence is nice until confusing errors crop up! Oh well! For some of the results of this, check out my ugly source code!
Da Semi-Big Problems I Thought I Would Face But Somehow Avoided
  • Taking too long on graphics – I am usually a perfectionist, but I managed to manage my time quite well. I didn’t spend too long on my extremely simple graphics and was able to spend more time getting everything to work and run kind of how I wanted it.
  • Non-Completion – Although I pretend I am pro, some deep down part of me knows I am not…yet, anyway : ) Thus, I was a tad worried I might not actually complete or create anything. Haha! Take that, deep subconscious!
  • Getting Bored – I thought I might meander off into the I need to watch some movies to take a break and get into a creative mood. Luckily, I stayed mostly on task!
Whelp, that’s about all I can think of for right now. Try out my game if you are intrigued or if you are not….that means EVERYONE! Ha, got yah!
I had loads of fun, can’t wait for next the Ludum Dare. Off to play/rate loads of awesome games!









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