Extreme tilemapping for The Love Letter

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December 19th, 2011 12:04 am

Here ends the second day of the Ludum Dare jam, at least for us. We’re pretty happy (or, depending on who you ask, amazed) with how much we’ve been able to accomplish so far, thanks in no small part to Adam Atomic’s awesome Flixel v2.55 game engine. 😀

But given that we both have to go back to work at our real jobs tomorrow, we’re not too confident that we can finish this game to our satisfaction in time for the Ludum Dare jam deadline.

Most of what happened today was on the graphical side of things, along with all the little fixes and tweaks to the simulation that are hard to describe or notice unless you’re looking for them. As you can see, we have a bunch of new tiles in the game – it actually looks like a school now!

Now it looks like a school!

Since we didn’t want to try learning any new tools, like DAME for making tilemaps, I had a fun time enhancing Flixel’s basic image-to-tilemap conversion to support multiple colors for different tiles, and not only that but also autotiling at the same time. Fancy! :)

Tilemap image for the school

Here you can see the image that is interpreted as the tilemap for the game. All the pretty colored pixels are for the goodies on the walls like lockers and doors and such.

I’m looking forward to sharing my clean, beautiful tilemap code with all you other Flixel devs out there. Soon, soon! 😉

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