My games done! Well, yesterday it was. I was too goddam tired to make a post about it right then! Now after having a little rest, heres some kind of postmortem.

Heres the game itself: ASSAULT THE DARK FORTRESS

The game is a somewhat long zelda-like game where you explore a big maze, find upgrades, keys, treasure and food. Food goes down slowly as you play, and you can starve to death. You soon get a sword and other equipment to help in combat and exploration.
The game takes maybe 30 minutes to one hour to complete.

My biggest mistake about the game was probably how large the map was. I spent more than a day working on the games world layout, before even having visuals other than placeholders. I was finally done with the map when I had only 5 hours left on the deadline… at which point I spent one hour making a proper tileset:

Then I spent 3 hours placing these tiles in the game, and one last hour putting in sounds and correcting bugs. The 3 hours of tile laying wasnt enough for the size of the game however, I only had time to place tiles on the left half of the world map, so the entire right hand side of the game ended up with just a background color and dark gray blocks for walls! eep!

Another problem was that I had very little sleep on the first day. I went to sleep for 6 hours and only slept one of them, as a result, the second day was very sluggish, and I did very little compared to the first night.

All in all I’m rather happy with the result though. It has some bugs, like the dialogues of the intro sequence reappear randomly as you play (its a really stupid bug causing that, too!) And also a couple room exits don’t link up properly. But other than that it seems to work fine, I was able to explore the whole maze. Also the rush at the end forced me to somewhat do the tiling quickly, so many rooms look a little similar, which is a problem with exploration. Still, killing stuff is quite satisfying, and upgrading your weapon is nice.
I will surely spend quite a bit of hours polishing and finishing it up in the coming weeks, so expect to see a much better version eventually, with more varied art, less placeholders, better sound, more varied enemies. The current lack of music is disappointing, too, ill have to look into that.

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  1. Jigxor says:

    Your game looks awesome! I’ll give it a go now. Thanks for the informative post mortem. (By the way, the “heres the game itself” link doesn’t seem to work for me).

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